#CelebratingOurMoms – By Kirthika Rajan

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Mother: Amma I have never had mentioned this before now after becoming a mother I owe to you so much.

You are super because u are my pillar, support, and strength.

More than support you just stood for me against anything or anyone for my rightful things.
Sometimes even for my wrongdoings. You have never let me down.
Your urge to get me a good education, your motivation for me to be independent are really speechless. You always wanted to get the best things for me in my life. Still, whatever health you are in, you want to make sure to help me whenever needed. With your prayers and assistance, after a big struggle of becoming a mom, I feel how your journey would have been to bring me up.
I have always been proud to be your daughter. You are really a SUPERMOM. As I remember my friends in school Nicknamed you as “Lady Terminator” you had never been less than that when you stood by me. Love you amma.

Athama you are never less than a mom to me. I have adored you for the way you have brought up your son. You have defined motherhood in a new way. I have always envied your daughter in law by the way you regard her as your daughter. You have always shared your experience of bringing him up and your stories of facing the world as a single mother is more a guide to grow a child.

More than that, your sense of humor in any situation is amazing! When I get to you for any assistance you surely make me take the right decision. Being around you has always made me happy and positive. Thanks for being in my life. Love you loads!

#CelebratingOurMoms by Manisha Bhagwani

[sgmb id=”1″]Each day of motherhood that I face, I realise your struggle, pain and dedication when I was young.

Each day that I face, increases respect for motherhood. You have been my backbone throughout and still are.

When I left the country all alone to build a career, you were the one to support and encourage though daddy was not so sure about leaving me all alone.

You made me strong, disciplined a good decision maker.

You are the best and I hope to be atleast half like you to my kids. I pray God give you all the happiness in the universe.

My mom is SUPER.
My mom is a SUPERSTAR.
My mom is a SUPERHERO.
My mom is a SUPERWOMAN.
She kept her children’s happiness before anything.
She taught us to be patient, bold, confident & beautiful.
She taught us to face the world with courage come what may.
She taught us to choose the right things in life.
My mother is my role model. If I could be half of what she is, to my kids, I would be successful in my motherhood journey.

#CelebratingSuperMoms – by Anandita Banerjee

[sgmb id=”1″]I am writing this for my My one and only supermom, My Mother Smt.Krishna Banerjee. I am the younger daughter of the 2 daughters of my mother.

My mother’s story is difficult to complete in 200 words, yet, I will try to take you through my mother life. She was born in a middle-class family and was good in studies. She had a passion to work, so at the age of 19, she appeared for competitive exams and got a job in very well known Central Bureau of Investigation in central government sector Lucknow. She got married late, into her 30s.
The most surprising and amazing thing about my mother’s story is that she married my father who could not see from one eye.

When asked why did she marry him, she said she had no option and he had a job in railways which was good! With a man who could not see, my mother took the entire responsibility on her shoulder. When my sister and I were born, she single-handedly raised us while looking after my father. She made us learn that however tough the situation is we have that power to overcome it so don’t give up.

When I see her working from morning till night, looking after us and our father who lost his eye-sight completely a few years into the marriage, I see her sacrifice. It is from her that I have learned hard work, patience, and empathy (and also cooking:))

I have not seen my mother going to movies, shopping, or outings often. Had I been in her place, I probably would not have been able to handle the situation alone.
My mother is my backbone.
I always see my mom never goes to movie ,or shopping or dinner or anything she just working and make us happy.

My mother is my only and strong backbone as my father is no more. I have twin baby girls now and I wish one day I am able to inculcate good values in them like my maa did in me. Being born to a strong lady I am proud to be the daughter of my mother.  I wish I could win this for my Maa – my lifeline. Happy Mother’s Day

#CelebratingOurMoms by Shilpa Raghuram

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There is a saying: “Who takes the child by the hand takes the mother by the heart”.

This is indeed true. After giving birth to a lovely baby girl, I can actually feel my mom more and more every single day.

My maternity journey has been so smooth thanks to my mom. I have heard many insensitive people say working mothers don’t care much about the kid which is rubbish.
My mom has beautifully multi-tasked at home and workplace without giving up on her mommy moments with me.

Even though I am on maternity leave currently, I can already feel the amount of strength and sacrifice that is required to leave the small kid at home and resume back to work. After all my career supports me and my kid too.

Who would neglect something that supports my child. My mom has set an amazing example to be a bold, strong and independent working woman which I will continue to follow so that even my daughter will be that bold, strong and independent woman that my mom is today. I strongly believe that woman empowerment begins at home.

I really like to thank Superbottoms in giving this wonderful opportunity to thank my supermom. Whatever it is no words will cover the love, the sacrifice, the care, the struggles and the pain a mom goes through.

Cheers to my strong, bold, independent, problem-solving, friendly, lovely and beautiful supermom!
Without your support I would be nothing!

Happy Mother’s Day Ma Suguna Chinnaswamy 😘

#CelebratingOurMoms – By Indu Sivashankar

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Starting with a fact/proverb,

“God cannot be present everywhere,hence God created Mother in the form of God”. Such a true fact it is.

MY Mother(MY AMMA)is my SUPERMOM always…not only a super mom a super human being with super character whom everyone loves, not only me…

I always wonder how can a person be so good by seeing my mom.

She passed away 6 yrs back after which life has become nothing for me without my mom.

But from that day till today I did not let her thoughts away from me.

Trying to be with her thoughts each and everyday.

Is there any other reason for my mom to be a supermom?

I cannot point out even a single negative in her. So adjusting, so much of patience and most importantly i did not find any words from her mouth which hurts others ever.

After few years of my life without my mom I was so happy when we found the scan report of me showing a gestational sac with a live fetal pole in it on the same day my mother expired, not able to believe, it is on the same exact day!

I got my mother back as my daughter!

The happiest moment in my life ever.

Again she proved to be a SUPER MOM 🙂

so it is my turn to look after my mom (my daughter) now.

We have (still have) such a kind of loveable relationship which cannot be expressed in words. I dont want to shortlist what all she did for me as in a single sentence i can say SHE IS THE WORLD TO ME, MY GOD FOREVER..



My wishes to all the mothers in this world..Below is my close to heart childhood picture with MY AMMA.. <3

#CelebratingOurMoms – By Shilpa Baragur Krishnappa

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My SuperMom is my mother. Having deprived of her mother’s love at an early age of 2-3months and not knowing how her mother looks, who knows the importance of mother’s love and support better than her !!!
The one who took care of her father till his last breath, who caters to the needs of her siblings from stepmother and their children till date, who is always there for the needs of my father, brother and myself.

In spite of all odds and coming from farmer’s family in a village, she completed her teachers training. In fact, it was those times where she was one of the few girl child to have completed 10th Std in her village.
She started earning as a teacher in a private school, and did save enough for her marriage.
She came to Bangalore after marriage and it wasn’t easy to lead a balanced life with dad’s low income. Yet, she made sure that we as kids got all the basic necessities, good schools, taught us discipline and to be independent.

She is the one who is always there for us no matter how she feels herself.
– The one who taught us to be truthful and honest.
– The one who never forced for anything, be it studies, household chores.
– A friend with whom I shared every detail of my school and college days, I can chat with her till late night or early morning and there is no end. We fight, argue, pull each other’s leg, disagree to agree most of the times  but still never let go of each other.

– The one who took utmost care in choosing my life partner, in fact more than myself  Mine was a very late marriage and she had to face all embarrassing situations and harsh comments from relatives and friends 

– The one who let us be US and make our own decisions in higher studies, travelling, managing our accounts and yet always had an invisible eye just in case if we go wrong some where and to guide us.

– The one who stood by me when I stayed at in-laws while pregnant in spite of her wish to care and pamper me daily ;P
– The one who was with me in my decision of opting for normal delivery, the toughest time of labour pain (it was so hard for her to see her daughter in labour and that’s her reason to wish for a grandson  as in not wanting her daughter to go through the pain again when I have to see my daughter deliver her kid. Such long distance thinking ;P )

– The one who encourages and is encouraging breastfeeding(again who else than her who was deprived of liquid gold knows it better) in spite of all the sleepless nights for 1.5months, taking care of me – a new mom, a family, visitors, household chores, and still looked fresh and energetic every day. Not to forget her health issues of high BP, rheumatoid arthritis, cold, cough throughout the year. It made me wonder, how one can be so enthusiastic in spite of all the problems, just to see a new born baby grow. It made me realise how important it is for my parents to see and nurture their granddaughter.

– The one who did all the washing and cleaning of baby clothes so that I get the much needed rest and even today insists on hand washing the cloth diapers inspite of me telling they get washed easily in a machine. I hide them from her or at times order her not to wash and use machine to wash when she goes to work 

– The one who is always there no matter where, how and when I need her!!
-Last but not the least, she is a working mom, who teaches in a government school at the age of 56 with the same love and affection and utmost care for every child.

I just can’t sum up all that she has done, doing and will be doing as Love or Affection, Sacrifice, Care and Concern.

All I know is, I have realised what being a mom is after I became one to my little daughter and my love and respect for my mother has multiplied and has no bounds.

I wish to be like my Mother who loves, gives and lives for her children unconditionally.

Mother’s Love is the Best and Purest form of Love 💝
My Love and Respect to all dear Mothers 
Happy Mother’s Day in Advance!!

Why Superbottoms cover diapers make a great day time solution


Superbottoms Cover Diapers come really handy for exclusive Cloth Diapering parents. Lets know a bit more about them.

What are Cover Diapers:
Cover Diapers are diapers with a water-resistant outer shell and removable pads. Superbottoms Cloth Diapers provide cover diapers with Microfiber soakers. These soakers come with a dry feel micro-suede layer on top which makes it very safe for baby’s skin. This layers keeps the baby feel dry inspite of urinating on the soaker. Once the pad (also known as soaker or insert) is full, you can change just the pad and reuse the same cover. Most parents prefer rotating between 2 covers. So if cover#1 is used, it is kept to air dry and meanwhile Cover#2 is used with a fresh soaker. In the next change, the first cover can be used with another fresh soaker. However do note to use a washed soaker after every change. The Cover can be reused without washing but the soaker shouldn’t.

What makes Cover Diapers ideal for Day time?

  1. They are very versatile: They can be put on any other diapers too such as nappy pads, homemade flats, prefolds (diapers that are made by tying around a super absorbent cloth around the baby. For eg: Hemp Prefolds
  2. They are more economical: For parents who cloth diaper their babies round the clock, Superbottoms Cover diapers are the most economical option. Just get a pair of covers and a bunch of soakers and you are good to go for the entire day for the entire diapering stage of baby. Pretty economical; isn’t it?
  3. Dry Feel Layer: As mentioned earlier, the Superbottoms Cover diaper comes with Microfiber soakers with a dry feel layer on top, thus keeping the baby’s bum dry and rash free 
  4. Adjustable size: The new born size diaper fits babies from new born till they are 7kgs or so (so till about 5-6 months atleast). The one size diapers fit babies from 5kgs till 17kgs (so till the baby is 2-2.5 years old). The diapers have snaps to adjust and resize.
  5. Ideal for new born stage as well: New born babies need to be changed frequently. They also poop and pee a lot. Thus, new born size cover diapers are ideal for them too.

This is why Superbottoms Cover diapers make a great day time solution.

You can check our video on Superbottoms Cover Diapers here

Wet Bags & Superslings – Uses and More


Wet Bags were traditionally designed to store used and soiled diapers on the go. But over a period of time, they have become much more feasible and can be put to use for various purposes. Superbottoms Wet Bags (a.k.a Superbags) are made of high quality materials. They are super soft and huge and come with 2 zipper compartments. The bigger compartment has double TPU lining to make them truly waterproof! They also have loops at both ends which helps hanging onto rods. They are 40×30 cms in size. They can hold upto 12-15 diapers easily.

The Superslings are a mini version of wet bags. The size of Supersling is 10X15 cms in size and can hold 1-2 cloth diapers.

Some uses of Wet bags and Superslings:

1. Store Soiled Diapers: While you are away from home and you have had a poopy baby, the pooped cloth diapers can simply be folded and stored in the wetbag. The poop smell or the diaper wetness won’t even be felt outside. All you need to do is zip up the wet bag and keep it safe 

2. Can be used as a travel kit: Whenever you are traveling, these bags can be used to store Shampoo, conditioner, and other such toiletries. Having one wetbag or even supersling bag to store them is sufficient.

3. Can be used as a travel laundry bag: Storing the clothes for Laundry in a plastic bag is boring and out of style now. Besides, plastic is such a no-no for the environment. The Superbottoms Superbags can be used to store the spoiled or used clothes that needs to go for a wash. The wet bag is very much capable of keeping the smell and wetness within itself. You won’t smell a thing outside 

4. Grocery Bag: Imagine walking in the market with a stylish Superbottoms Superbag to carry groceries instead of a boring plastic bag. Sounds great and makes you more of a eco-friendly and supercool mom.

5. Swimsuits: You can very well carry your swimsuits in the Superbottoms wet bag and it will take care of the wetness and keep it inside.

6. Food and Lunch boxes: Wet bags keep the moisture inside. Hence, storing food or lunch box is a great option. Moreover, if ever your tiffin leaks, your bag won’t be spoilt. The wet bag will be, however its washable. Many moms prefer taking lunch boxes in the wet bags or Supersling bags.

7. Ice-pack: There are times when babies hurt themselves in the task of exploring the world. In times like these, just put in some ice in the supersling bag and use them as an ice-pack to soothe the baby. This can be used even for the swellings that we as adults get.

8. Cloth Pads: If you are one of those eco-friendly moms who use cloth pads instead of disposable sanitary napkins. These Superbags are ideal for you. Just dump in the used cloth pads inside the Superbag or wet bags and you are good to go.

9. Mobile Phones: During Rainy season, wet bags turns out to be a great idea in storing mobile phones and other such electronic stuffs.

10. Carrying stuffs for strolls: it is very handy to store basic stuffs like keys, mobile phones, etc. when you are going for short walks.

All the Moms out there, its time to become Supercool Moms with these cool ‘Wet bags aka Superbags’ & Slingbags.
Check them out here.

Cloth Diapering on a Vacation


When we went for our first vacation with baby Glen, I took it as an adventure to exclusively cloth diaper during our vacation. We went on ten days holidays to Goa which happens to be our natives. I was not confident to be honest to cloth diaper during all these days. I was sceptical and I didn’t wanted this holiday to be hectic for me especially because Glen was pooping frequently during his teething phase. But this didn’t stop us from being exclusively cloth diapering parents. Here is what we did and how we did.

Our Stash:

We took a stash of :

  • 4 Superbottoms cover diapers
  • Superbottoms Plus
  • lots of extra dry feel soakers (around 7)
  • 1 Superbottoms wetbag

What did we use:

Major part of our days went with Superbottoms cover diapers (we barely used 2 covers and 5 soakers a day).  Superbottoms Plus worked great for the night. The best part was that we were in a village for 4 days and we got great sunlight. It was too hot during the day and the diapers dried in less than four hours and I realized, I carried way too much. We didn’t need too many diapers because I wasn’t sure of the climate and the place we will be staying, so didn’t wanted to risk it. It was totally worth it because the next four days, we stayed beach side and that’s when we needed so much stash. The diapers took more than half a day to dry here. Moreover, Glen had loose motion throughout our journey from day 1. We used reusable liners most of the times. When we were visiting places, disposable liners were of great help.

How we did this:

We rinsed the diapers as soon as they were off the bum. Whenever we were out, travelling or sightseeing, we stuffed the used diapers in a wetbag. They took care of the smell and wetness and we didn’t have to worry one bit about it. The diapers were washed the next morning and line dried. I would hand rinse them under a wash basin and soak them in detergent and water in a bucket. Read – Common Mistakes in Washing Cloth Diapers.

Never thought I could do it. But once I did,
We have always exclusively cloth diapered in all our vacations.

Top 5 Cloth Diaper Myths Busted


Cloth Diapering is a fairly vast concept. As new parents, we are bound to get lost in our set of confusions about cloth diapering. Here are few cloth diaper myths that we have busted.

Myth#1 : “Its Gross”

No. It isn’t!

Cloth diapering is pretty easy. All you need is a decent stash and a good wash routine. You need not wash the diapers separately. You can wash them with other clothes in a washing machine. Our parents have successfully cloth diapered even in vacations. Read on further here to get some tips.

Once the baby poops, you can scoop off the poop using a jet spray and rinse in a wash basin. Store them on a dry bucket or wetbag till the laundry time. See, didn’t we tell you its easy.

Myth#2: It affects the milestones of babies’

This is another biggest myth.

Cloth diapers, in no way affect the growth and milestones of babies. Every baby is different and they take their own time in turning, crawling, sitting or walking.

Myth#3: Isn’t it old fashioned?

Yes, our grandmas did use cloth on us because those days disposables diapers weren’t really an option. But the concept of cloth diapers have now been revamped and they are this generation’s modern cloth diapers ☺ want to know how? Read how get your babies the leak proof cloth diapers.

Myth#4: Cloth diapers are expensive

When you compare the cost of 1 cloth diaper to that of 1 disposable diaper, cloth diapers do cost more. However, that cloth diaper can be used over and over again, unlike the disposable, which you have to continue purchasing. Here is a handy guide to show you the cost of cloth vs. disposable over time.

You need 4000+ diapers on an average from birth till potty training. The price per diaper on an average is Rs10. Thus, the total money spent on disposables is not less than Rs40000. Never thought this far right?

Now let’s compare this with the price of cloth diapers. 12-15 diapers are needed from birth till potty training. Price per diaper on an average is Rs 750/-. Thus you spend not more than Rs 12000/- on cloth diapers.

Myth#5: They leak

A big no to this myth as well. In fact, its disposable diapers that leak and most of our customers have faced poop blow outs in disposables. If you are using cloth diapers properly, they wont leak at all. Read how to get a perfect cloth diapering experience.

There you have it, 5 myths about cloth diapers busted!

We hope that helps you either decide to use cloth diapers or help you convince your loved ones that cloth isn’t as crazy as they think!

Happy cloth diapering!