19.01.2021 / DIAPERING

Winter Diapering - Real Mom Experiences

The previous article in this Winter Time Diapering series talked about the "Myths Vs. Truth of Cloth Diapering During Winters." and by now we know that wintertime exclusive cloth diapering is not impossible. On the contrary, a little adjustment, and it is as regular and easy a...

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12.01.2021 / DIAPERING

Cloth Diapering During Winters – Myths vs....

It's wintertime! A time that we all enjoy so much soaking in the sun, eating delicious winter food, building our immunity & layering up in warm winter clothes. But sometimes, a few things take a back seat during winters either due to the cold weather, or sometimes just due...

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15.09.2020 / DIAPERING

Meet BASIC - The Pocket-friendly day diaper

All the cheap cloth diapers you tried so far either leaked or created a mess? Have you been wondering about shifting to cloth diapers but unsure where to begin? If you’re looking to shift to cloth diapering and wish to try an economical one, well GOOD NEWS! You have landed on...

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23.07.2020 / DIAPERING

All you wanted to know about Diaper Free Time

What is diaper free time?  Breathability has always been the biggest factor when it came to choosing between a diaper & a langot/nappy. Our parents & grandparents used diapers sparingly on us and strongly believed that diapers are less breathable than cloth nappies &am...

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13.07.2020 / DIAPERING

How to use your Superbottoms UNO like a Co...

Hasn't SuperBottoms UNO got your back to provide a comfortable sleep to your little munchkin? SuperBottoms UNO is a surprisingly awesome diaper, widely known for giving little babies long and dry hours & keeping them healthy & happy. Did you know this versatile diaper ...

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03.07.2020 / DIAPERING

Superbottoms VS Disposable diapers

Looking for alternatives to disposable diapers? Do you know what goes into your baby's diapers? You choose BPA free baby bottles, sulphate free shampoo for your little ones but what about the baby diaper that touch their private parts?   Is your baby’s diaper skin friendly? Do...

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03.07.2020 / DIAPERING

10 Awesome Facts About SuperBottoms UNO

Nope. Not an overclaim. Really. You can increase absorbency too! Just add the Booster Pads or soakers. Keep those precious li’l bummies dry! So what will you do with the money you would save? Yes, washing UNO is easy peasy just like your regular garments! Most disposable diap...

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03.07.2020 / DIAPERING

Stink in your cloth diapers?

One of the most common questions that we get from parents who are not sure about reusable diapers is if cloth diapers stink or not. It is great that they are washable diapers, but will they come completely clean? Are they hygienic? So on & so forth. Well, here’s the answer...

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03.07.2020 / DIAPERING

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2019, India ...

The 9th annual Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) took place over the weekend of April 27-28, 2019, across 230 registered GCDC events in 50 different countries on 6 continents! Amazing isn’t it? Excited to know what GCDC is? Well, it’s an event to promote the benefits of reusabl...

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03.07.2020 / DIAPERING

Top 5 Cloth Diaper Myths Busted

Cloth Diapering is a fairly vast concept. As new parents, we are bound to get lost in our set of confusions about cloth diapering. Here are a few cloth diaper myths that we have busted. Myth#1 : “Its Gross” No. It isn’t! Cloth diapering is pretty easy. All you need is a decent...

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03.07.2020 / DIAPERING

Cloth Diapering Benefits and Product Guide

WASHING Your SuperBottoms Uno consists of three parts - a Multi-size Waterproof Outer, a Dry Feel Pad and a Booster Pad. How to wash: Step 1: Knock off poop if any. Handwash: STEP 1: Rinse off pee/poop if any, using a little detergent. STEP 2: Soak the Multi-size Waterproof Ou...

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03.07.2020 / DIAPERING

Winter is coming: 3 diapering tips to be r...

Just 3 diapering tips for winter & you’ll be all set, pinky promise! If you have a baby, you are definitely aware that anything can affect your baby’s pee pattern. A season, an illness, certain medications or sometimes, there could simply be no particular reason! Winter, h...

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