18.04.2021 / BABY CARE

Review Received from SuperBottoms Customer

Below email in our inbox just made our day and boosted the team's morale. Love received from one our customers from Banglore. Hi Superbottoms team!  This is Nanditha here based out of Bangalore who's exclusive cloth diapering my LO with 10 cute SuperBottoms Freesize UNO and ...

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09.04.2021 / BABY CARE

Swaddling – A Traditional Childcare Practice

Swaddling is one of the oldest and easiest ways of calming an infant as it mimics the warmth of a womb, making the transition from womb to the outside world easier on the little ones. Babies are born with Moro reflex, also known as the startle reflex. It is a neurological resp...

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31.03.2021 / BABY CARE

Keep your little ones cool this Summer

Summers brings along mixed emotions in all of us, no matter what age we are at. While we love vacations and holidays, we dread the sweat, dehydration, and heat that comes along. With all the extra playtime, keeping your toddler cool during Summer can surely be a challenge. Hea...

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08.03.2021 / BABY CARE

Summer Box o' Fun - Activity variation...

Isn't it amazing how the same activity can help kids at different age groups develop different skills! And for kids to be able to have fun and grow, while learning - it doesn’t necessarily require a whole lot of structured activities. The more you let them be, and just equip ...

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10.02.2021 / BABY CARE

Let Them Be, Let Them Grow!

  Once you become a parent, your child's safety, development, and overall well-being becomes your topmost priority. We baby-proof our homes, furniture, cars. Even our home equipment becomes more baby-friendly.  The kind of toys & activities we choose, the kind of entertain...

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04.01.2021 / BABY CARE

Do your baby's products have these che...

  As parents, we take utmost care to choose what we feed our kids, what we bathe them with, what we apply on their bodies, and what we make them wear. Today's parents are conscious about the choices they make for their children. And why not? Being aware and making an informed...

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23.12.2020 / BABY CARE

Potty Training on Your Mind? Three things ...

A A few milestones in the parenting journey might not be as stressful as we assume them to be in our heads. Potty Training is one such phase. Many people are scared of it, while a few others are also misinformed and misguided; thus, it becomes a scary concept.  For quick tips ...

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23.11.2020 / BABY CARE

Rashes in babies – What causes them?

It is the most heart-breaking thing for a parent to see their child in pain or crying. And rashes are something which, believe it or not, every child experiences at least once in their initial years. It doesn't matter if the child is exclusively cloth diapered, wears disposabl...

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05.10.2020 / BABY CARE

Get Set Eat - The Traditional Way

In the first two years, your child will learn to sit, stand, walk, run, talk—and eat. Learning to eat also involves developing a taste for new flavors and textures and building the kinds of skills needed to become a healthy diner & not a finicky one, which is essential to ...

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05.10.2020 / BABY CARE

10 Fun Games for One Year Old Babies

The easiest way to strengthen the bond between a parent and a child is playing baby games in their earliest age. Many of the best games help them learn about the world around them and what you already do naturally. Parents are the first companions of their little ones and thes...

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03.07.2020 / BABY CARE

Keep your Babies Cool this Summer with Clo...

Are you tired of the scorching sun and the warm winds? Then think of your baby who also must deal with the extreme temperature and the ruthless nature this summer. Try out our cool SuperBottoms Summer Cloth Diapers! Babies come with soft skin and are very sensitive to excess c...

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03.07.2020 / BABY CARE

Make your own Organic Baby Wipe Solution -...

All you need is just 4 basic ingredients, that are easily found at home: WATER (Use distilled/boiled water) COCONUT OIL (Ideal to use virgin coconut oil) WASH (Your baby wash. Ideal to use natural organic products) ESSENTIAL OILS (This can be skipped, however Lavender, Calend...

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