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20.10.2021 / BABY CARE

How To Get Rid of Your Baby's Diaper Rash

A baby in pain, crying or uncomfortable, is a sight that all parents dread experiencing. But at times, kids go through a painful phase due to diaper rashes, which can take up to a few days to heal. This article will help you all with tips to prevent, treat, and get rid of diap...

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20.10.2021 / BABY CARE

How to help your baby sleep better!

"Sleep while your baby sleeps." Every new mother gets to hear this advice very often. This is because, after childbirth, a new mother's body needs to rest, recover and prepare for the sleepless nights, all at the same time.  But despite all the advice you received and your in...

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18.10.2021 / BABY CARE

Breastfeeding 101: A Quick Guide on How to...

Since the beginning of time, women have been breastfeeding their babies. It seems like a natural process, but, at times,it doesn't happen on its own. As a new mother, you haven't breastfed before, and your newborn hasn't eaten before. This makes breastfeeding an incredibly im...

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13.10.2021 / BABY CARE

Difference between Newborn, Infant, Toddle...

Apple of my eye, my baby, pumpkin, munchkin, cutie-pie, mini-me. There are so many things we call our kids out of love. But in today's day & age, when online support, virtual medical help, and digital discussions are so prevalent, we are sometimes unsure about how to refer...

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13.10.2021 / BABY CARE

How to Swaddle a Baby?

Swaddling babies in a baby swaddle is an age-old traditional practice followed by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers that we have adopted from. But before we get to "How to swaddle a newborn baby?" let us understand what exactly swaddling is.  Swaddling means wrapping a b...

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08.10.2021 / BABY CARE

How to Relieve Constipation in Babies Quickly

When our babies are younger, we keep track of everything related to them, don’t we? The feeding frequency, how many times and for how long did they nap, the pee count, the poop count. Any anomaly in the regular patterns is the only way to know if something needs attention, as ...

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14.09.2021 / BABY CARE

Why choose Modal fabric for kids apparel &...

Popularly known as "Underwear Fabric" in the apparel and fashion industry, Modal has become a very popular fabric choice in recent years. It is also gaining popularity as it is a sustainable, eco-conscious and durable fabric, apart from being super soft, stretchy, breathable &...

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06.09.2021 / BABY CARE

Baby Recipe – Homemade Multi-Grain Recipe

Contributed by Suchitra Shetty from SuperBottoms Family community of parents.  Before we share the complete recipe, let’s read what she has to say about coming upon this recipe - “I was always given ready-made cereals as a child because my mother was a working mom. She never ...

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04.08.2021 / BABY CARE

Different ways to use your Mulmul Swaddle

Well, who says one can use a baby’s swaddle only for swaddling. When a product is so versatile, so amazing, so soft & cuddle worthy, why use it just as one thing!? Right? Swaddling a baby is an age-old practice, and parents even today realize the benefits and importance of...

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18.04.2021 / BABY CARE

Review Received from SuperBottoms Customer

Below email in our inbox just made our day and boosted the team's morale. Love received from one our customers from Banglore. Hi Superbottoms team!  This is Nanditha here based out of Bangalore who's exclusive cloth diapering my LO with 10 cute SuperBottoms Freesize UNO and ...

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31.03.2021 / BABY CARE

Keep your little ones cool this Summer

Summers brings along mixed emotions in all of us, no matter what age we are at. While we love vacations and holidays, we dread the sweat, dehydration, and heat that comes along. With all the extra playtime, keeping your toddler cool during Summer can surely be a challenge. He...

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08.03.2021 / BABY CARE

Summer Box o' Fun - Activity variation...

Isn't it amazing how the same activity can help kids at different age groups develop different skills! And for kids to be able to have fun and grow, while learning - it doesn’t necessarily require a whole lot of structured activities. The more you let them be, and just equip ...

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