Gift Pack - Jhabla, Nappy, Swaddle with Detergent, Nursing Pad and Reversible Waterproof Bag

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Ideal for: newborn

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Product Details

SuperBottoms brings you the perfect gift box for new babies and their parents. This gift box contains a Jhabla, Swaddles ,Detergent Sheets,Nappy, Nursing Pad and a stylish Reversible Waterproof Bag for parents on-the-go. Your gift will look gorgeous in our beautiful packaging.

Why Jhabla?

- It is 100% mulmul cotton wrap-over which softly envelopes a newborn baby

- Its easy-snap buttons make it quick & hassle-free to put on

Why Swaddle?

It is made of 100% mulmul cotton It is soft & gentle against the baby’s skin

Why is the Reversible Waterproof Bag perfect for parents?

The Reversible Waterproof Bag is an easily washable and durable bag for on-the-go parenting. Waterproof from both inside & outside, this bag is perfect to carry your soiled or fresh diapers, langots and other baby essentials.

Why Langot?

Dry Feel Langot is perfect for a comfortable and clean Diaper-free time. They have 3 layers of cotton padding to hold up to 1 pee.

Why Nursing Pad?

Nursing Pads are cloth pads worn between the bra and the breast of a nursing mom to absorb any milk that may leak during breastfeeding.

Why Detergent?

Cloth Diaper Detergent is made for Cloth Diapers but is suitable for little one’s bumwear and other clothes. It leaves no residue and contains no toxins.

How to wear and wash?

How to wash?
How to wear?

Wash them thoroughly like regular clothes with Super Laundry Sheets detergent in cold water. 

We recommend washing it once before first use, for best results. 

Please wash separately for the first few times as some colors tend to bleed.

Wash once before using.


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