Check out our range of Organic cotton and Hemp boosters. Organic cotton and Hemp both are natural fabrics and highly absorbent. Our organic cotton inserts are pre-prepped- hence they can be used after one wash and our Hemp inserts need to be prepped with 6-8 washes to reach optimum absorbency.

OUR ORGANIC COTTON RANGE (For heavy wetters):

  • Newborn Booster– This is an organic cotton booster/ insert that does not come with stay dry layer. This needs to be attached with the newborn soaker for additional absorbency.

OUR HEMP RANGE (For very heavy wetters):

Hemp is very good for heavy wetters as its the most thirsty of all fabrics.

  • Super Soakers- Large Hemp Prefold-

This is a large square hemp soaker with fold stitches.This can be used padfolded with covers for additional absorbency. They can be used with newborn diapers too or can be used as a prefold diaper for newborn babies. Good for very heavy wetters and if you want something that dries faster.

  • Hemp Doubler

These are 4 layer hemp cotton soakers. They are perfect booster with the organic cotton soakers and the fool proof solution for any night wetter

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