SUPERBOTTOMS PLUS UNO - (For 5-17 kg babies- Day/ night time use)

Our BEST Superbottoms ever “SUPERBOTTOMS PLUS UNO”

Contents- Waterproof Diaper shell + 2 Inserts (Main soaker with dry feel layer and one organic cotton booster)

Weight- 5kg- 17k babies, Age- 3 months – 3 years

Ideal use – Day time (use one soaker) or Night time (use both soakers)

Superbottoms brings you India’s 1st- One wash prep cloth diaper. The Real All in one diaper- can be used in more than 3 ways!

Sustainable, rash -free diapering option for your baby- Reusable, Washable, Waterproof, Stay dry, Trimmest cloth diapers in the cutest prints!

Works as an All in One (AIO) Diaper, a Pocket diaper and a swim diaper as well.

Choose the BEST for your baby!
Choose SuperBottoms- India’s 1st certified and No. 1 voted eco friendly cloth diaper brand. All our eco friendly cloth diapers are reusable.

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