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Are you wondering if Cloth Diapering really is for you?

Can you truly get the convenience of disposable diapers in the goodness of a cloth diaper?

There’s only 1 way to find out – Try it, Love it

Know more about our Try-It Love-It Policy

Why such a policy?

  •  Superbottoms is committed to spreading cloth diape love in India
  • Often we come across parents hesitant about spending on a good quality cloth diaper in the first go, however, we strongly believe that using a good quality cloth diaper is necessary to get the real idea of how great cloth diapering is!
  • Our Try-it Love-it policy is meant exactly for parents to try cloth diapering without any worry
  • Under our Try-it Love-it policy, you can buy Superbottoms, try them for 30 days, and if your baby does not love them, you can return them within 30 days from the date of delivery of the product
  • This is a unique policy by Superbottoms to encourage parents to try cloth diapering and we are confident that once tried, you will realise it is pretty easy and also great for baby

How does this policy work?

  • To try a diaper under this policy, you need to simply purchase a diaper and it gets covered in this policy
  • This policy DOES NOT apply to newborn diapers and Value Packs
  • The full amount for the product will be transferred either via bank transfer or via credit / debit card refund
  • Shipping charges, if any, will not be refunded
  • This policy applies to purchase made on our website only and not on purchases made on and other portals
  • Please do read the instruction leaflet provided with the order before using the product.  If after buying the product, you are facing difficulty in using it, please contact us immediately so that we can help you with the same

Will this policy apply to value packs?

  • NO, it will not apply for value pack. If you are trying the product and are unsure, we recommend going in for a single diaper and NOT a value pack
  • So in case of a return, from our side, we will be able to re-sell the unused diapers and only 1 diaper is wasted 🙂
  • We will refund for only 1 diaper / type

How do I raise a return request?

In case if your baby does not love Superbottoms, you can raise a return request as below –

  • To raise a return request please fill this form and we will initiate the process
  • The products will be picked from your address if it falls under our pickup service area
  • If your pincode does not fall under our pickup service area, you will have to ship the product to us yourself
  • Once we receive the product back, we will check it and provide a full refund to you
  • It will be nice if the product is cleaned before it is sent back to us
  • For your information, the returned diapers, if any, will be thoroughly cleaned by us and used by our team for demo purpose only

Try it ❤ it