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Cloth Diapering During Winters

It's wintertime! A time that we all enjoy so much soaking in the sun, eating delicious winter food, building our immunity & layering up in warm winter clothes.

Cloth Diapering During Winters

But sometimes, a few things take a back seat during winters either due to the cold weather, or sometimes just due to the lack of awareness and information or some myths that we believe in. Should cloth diapering be one such thing that should take a backseat? Especially in a country like India, where the winters & the temperatures range from mild winters to harsh ones. NO is the answer!

Let us try to understand the reasons as to why cloth diapering during winters is not preferred, and debunk each myth one by one. Here you go! 

Myth 1 – Using cloth diapers in winters can give my baby a cold or a rash.

The truth is, cloth diapers will NOT give your baby a cold. On the contrary, the Feel-Dry Layer or the lining that touches your baby's skin is meant to wick the moisture away and keep the skin warm and not let it feel the wetness and cold. So, just like any other weather, as long as you keep changing the cloth diapers on time, they will not cause any health issues to your baby.

As far as the rashes are concerned, it is true that babies pee more during winters. But again, as long as the bum is dry & clean, there are no chances of any skin irritation or rash occurring. Skin tends to get dry naturally during winters. Thus applying coconut oil after cleaning & before changing the diaper is also helpful.

Myth 2 – Washing & drying the cloth diapers during winters is a big task

Well, that's true for every other cloth for winters too, right! But, this is easily manageable. It is not as big a task as you would think it is.

Altering the washing cycle and washing more frequently will ensure that you have a bundle of spare stash washed and kept aside for days when the sun is balmy, and not out much.

Also, your washing machine's spin cycle can become your friend when it comes to winter laundry. Let the spin cycle do half your work and let sunlight do the other half.

Myth 3 – I need a lot of additional products in winters

Not true at all! Babies tend to pee more during winters, thus one booster pad for the night (3 considering you have a 3-day laundry cycle) and 2 – 3 extra diapers to ensure that you have a few extra in case the drying takes a little longer than expected, and you are sorted.

In conclusion, cloth diapering is meant to keep your stress as a parent away, not add to it. Making a few alterations in winters, just like we do for ourselves by adding layers & blankets to the daily essentials, a bit of change in washing cycle and one-time investment will make cloth diapering as easy in winter as in any other season.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

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