Getting the right fit cloth diapers for your baby is very crucial in itself because no one would want the cloth diapers to leak! And for that one must ensure that the cloth diaper has been fit properly. 

How to wear SuperBottoms UNO:

Your SuperBottoms diaper consists of:

  1. Multi-size Waterproof Outer
  2. Dry Feel Regular Pad
  3. Regular Booster pad

STEP 1 – wash before use

To reach full absorbency wash once with detergent in the machine or by hand.

STEP 2 - sizing diaper

Adjust the diaper length by folding the diaper crotch and snapping it in place. 

Ensure there is no gap between the thigh & elastic. 

STEP 3 – placing the pad 

Snap the Dry Feel Regular Pad onto the diaper shell. If required, adjust the length of the soaker pad by folding it

Your diaper is now ready to wear!

Do note: 

For extra absorbency, snap booster pad to the soaker pad

STEP 4 – put it on

Place baby’s bum over open diaper

Snap close the waist tabs on both sides using waist snaps

Ensure 1 finger gap around the stomach for comfort

SuperBottoms UNO  usually lasts for 4-5 hours during the day time and about 8+ hours during the night with the help of a Booster Pad. 

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