Why organic cotton Diaper for your baby?

Whenever we go shopping, for ourselves or even for our babies, we prefer cotton because it is so breathable and soft. However, did you know there is a fabric better than cotton? Heard about a softer & better Organic Cotton? We thought as much. Let us tell you the benefits today. 

Cotton contributes to 50% of the total fabric used all over the world, but most of the cotton cultivation is done by the use of pesticides and fertilizers. It is further processed by the use of chemicals and furthermore, the use of dyes is very popular in cotton. These dyes may not be skin friendly for our precious little babies.


Thus there is a huge difference between organic cotton and regular cotton. Below are some key differences:


Thus there is a huge difference between Organic Cotton and Regular cotton. Below are some key differences:


 Cultivation: Organic cotton is not cultivated with the use of any fertilizers and pesticides. It uses new weed machinery, insect release technique and reduces the overall impact on the environment. They hand plucked which makes it so soft and durable. Traditional cotton is cultivated using pesticides and fertilizers which are harmful to the environment


Colouring / Dyeing 

Traditional cotton is bleached and dyed using chemicals, which may cause rashes. SuperBottoms uses AZO free dyes which are very safe for your little babies.


Certified Organic Cotton 

SuperBottoms uses 100% GOTS organic cotton that is certified. Try to look for this certification while buying organic cotton goods for your little ones as it proves the authenticity.


Lasts longer

Organic cotton is much sturdier and long lasting than ordinary cotton. It lasts wash after wash without tearing up.

Farmer friendly

Fair purchasing prices, wages and working conditions- fair participation for all.

Ideal for sensitive skin

Since babies have sensitive skin, organic cotton is ideal as it is 100% pure & free of chemicals.


Organic cotton is very soft, pure and natural for your little ones. 


As no toxic elements are used in farming hence the soil is not damaged- lesser impact on air and 71% less water and 62% less energy is used.

These are the major differences between traditional cotton and organic cotton.

As a parent, one always chooses the best for your baby. At SuperBottoms, we are a team of parents committed to provide premium and safe products for babies. And we choose organic.

We believe organic cotton is best suited for babies. It also impacts our environment and our future.


Our product range with organic cotton:

  • Multisize Waterproof Outer & Dry Feel Pad (Newborn Size)
  • Multisize Waterproof Outer & Regular Booster Pad (Freesize)
  • Certified organic Comfort Wear ( 1-4 year old kids)
  • Certified organic cotton nappies/langots- Dry Feel Langots - First ever in India, available for newborns- one year babies

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