Which diaper do I choose?

What is your baby's age?

Are you looking for day-time or night-time diaper?

Is your baby a heavy wetter? A heavy wetter baby is one that may need more than 1 disposable diaper within 5 hours

Which diaper do I choose?
Newborn Cover Diaper
Your baby is a newborn baby and hence the newborn diaper is best suited at this stage. You can go for a booster to increase the longevity of the diaper. It would be ideal to go for a Newborn Starter pack which is discounted and also gives all the options in 1 single pack. https://www.superbottoms.com/product-category/new-born/
Free Size diapers
You can go for any free size diaper. Ideal combination is Cover Diaper for day-time and Superbottoms Plus for night time. You can check the Starter Pack here that will help you give a good idea of all the types. https://www.superbottoms.com/product/starter-pack-free-size-diapers-3-months-3-years/
Superbottoms Plus
Seems like you have a heavy wetting baby. You will need to use Superbottoms Plus both during the day and for night time. You can find them here https://www.superbottoms.com/product-category/diapers-buy/superbottoms-plus-aio-heavy-absorbency/
Cover Diaper
Since you are looking for a day time diapering option, cover diapers are best suited for you. You can find them here. https://www.superbottoms.com/product-category/diapers-buy/cover-diapers-buy/
Superbottoms Plus for nights
Since you are looking for a diaper for the night-time, it is best to go for Superbottoms Plus diapers. Find them here https://www.superbottoms.com/product-category/diapers-buy/superbottoms-plus-aio-heavy-absorbency/
You need bigger size diapers
Considering your baby's weight range, your baby may need bigger sized diapers. We currently keep diapers that fit upto 17 kg. We are sorry we will not be able to help you much here.