When one thinks of diapers, most usually think of the common disposable diapers that one can buy in any convenience store. It is also considered a convenient item, one that a parent can just throw away and forget about it. But lately, the trend of washable diapers is catching on. Now, diapers needn’t only be a disposable item, but with new and eco friendly options such as washable cloth diapers catching on, they can be washed and reused multiple times! Over 200-300 times, to be precise. Cloth diapering brand Superbottoms, which produces such washable and reusable cloth diapers for babies up to three years old, claims that if used and washed correctly, the washable diapers are so durable that they would withstand up to 300 washes and uses!

Having considered that in this day and age, all of us cannot deny that the need of the hour is clean water, air and soil. Global warming is a grim reality the world is slowly waking up to, and wherever possible, items that have washable and reusable alternatives need to be invested in, rather than the disposable ones. All items that can be labelled as ‘disposable’ need thoughtful reconsideration, and we have to ask ourselves: Is disposing this item really necessary? Does a washable and re-usable alternative exist, and why don’t we adapt to it? People have already started to rethink disposable choices, which is why steel and bamboo straws, which are washable, washable and reuasablemenstrual cups, reusable cloth bags, and bamboo ear-buds or toothbrushes are slowly on the rise; both in India and the globe. Since every disposable item is getting an eco-friendly washable substitute, why should washable diapers be left behind? If we use diapers made of a more eco-friendly material, such as washable cloth for instance, it can also be washed and re-used just the same. No matter how much thought is given to waste management, and waste segregation, there are some items that simply cannot fit into any recyclable category and disposable diapers, tampons, and sanitary pads fall into this group. The toxicity of these items make them a very damaging item, and washable alternatives are the need of the hour.

Superbottoms is one among very few Indian brands that manufacture washable diapers. The aim of this company, that has environmental concern at the heart of its core beliefs, is to make washable clothdiapers  mainstream.

When one becomes a parent, the first thing a person buys is a diaper, and this is also probably the first thing that is put on a baby. For a delicate newborn, exposure to so many new environments, can be dangerous, and it is only right that only soft, washable, and natural fabrics are safe to touch the baby’s skin. However, many parents, being quite unaware of the alternatives that are washable, choose to go with disposable diapers. Many are not even aware that there are washable, greener options which are convenient to use. A diaper that is washable is just as convenient as a disposable one. In fact, it is better, as it causes no damage to the environment or to your baby. A disposable diaper will decompose after more than 3 centuries pass, but a washable cloth diaper, which is reused after washing, can cause absolutely no damage to the environment. The washable diapers we refer to that are available today, are not just the washable diapers of the old days, which were large white sheets of washable cloth, folded into triangles and used with large safety pins. No, Superbottoms brand manufactures a great alternative to disposables. These are known as washable modern cloth diapers or advanced washable cloth diapers. They are just like disposables, but the great part is that they are washable and reusable, and they do not contain any harmful chemicals that disposable diapers have. Once a baby has a dirty diaper, the washable diaper too, needs to be changed, just as you would change a disposable. Next, if the washable diaper has been pooped in, all you need to do is knock the poo off the washable diaper, into a toilet, and flush it down. Then, rinse it and store the washable diaper until it is time for laundry. At laundry time, the washable diaper can be pre-washed and then just tossed in with all the regular family laundry. That’s far easier than anyone imagined a washable cloth diapering laundry routine would be. If your baby’s washable dirty diaper has only pee in it, this wash routine gets even easier. The washable diaper only needs to be stored, and when you’re doing the next load, just put in in with your other laundry and it gets done!

A few years ago, washable modern cloth diapers were only available outside India, and it was only imported ones that were available in the market. Not only expensive, but these imported brands of washable alternatives were not suited for Indian babies. When a rash on her son caused her a great deal of worry, Pallavi Utagi decided to do some research and came up with Superbottoms washable cloth diapers after lots of experimenting. The brand has come a long way, with a wonderfully supportive team dedicated to customer care, and a number of other products as well, together with the washable diapers. Since the proper wash routine of these washable diapers is slightly different and the washable fabric is only compatible with certain detergent powders, Superbottoms has also provided a lot of support in this regard, to help its customers get accustomed to a new wash routine. The usage of the washable diapers requires some amount of customer education support for it to work correctly. This is where the SuperbottomsMomsConnect team comes in handy! The team, consisting of mothers who have all used the product on their own babies, is very efficient at handling all sorts of queries from parents new to washable diapers. The team knows about matters such as hard water, washable fabric types, and stain removal, like they know their child’s names! They are experts at handholding even the most uncertain new mums and help out every customer until she gets the hang of it. The best part of washable cloth diapering is the fact that there are super supportive brands like Superbottoms, who are extremely mom-friendly. They truly minimize the stress factor that anything new comes along with. The mothers of babies and toddlers who are all wearers of these washable diapers, have been in the shoes of a newbie, and they know what it takes to get a new mother convinced to make the change. Superbottoms brand also has a great Facebook group that has over 20k members now, and is growing fast! The group consists of parents, mostly mothers, all of whom use these washable Superbottomsproducts. The group shares pictures, provides support and advice, asks questions, holds contests and fun activities all the time, and provides a great community type system for motherhood, which can feel very lonely at the start.

Superbottoms washable cloth diapers are extremely careful about safety of your baby, and all their washable modern cloth diapers are safety tested and certified. This is probably what makes the washable cloth diaper brand a hot favorite. Since our country has no such safety system in place for the manufacture of childrens’ products, Superbottoms has had the washable diapers tested for safety by standards that are put in place overseas. Apart from the safety of the product itself, it is also using safe raw materials such as washable certified organic cotton.

During World War 2, a severe cotton shortage led to extremely high costs which caused people to stop using washable cloth diapers, and switch to a plastic sheet wrapped around tissue instead. This is what the first disposable diaper consisted of. It was a result of mothers not being able to afford washable cotton cloth in large quantities, something they had been using for decades before. Now, washable and reusable cloth diapers have come a long way, and thanks to Superbottoms, it’s not just washable cotton, but soft and luxurious certified organic cotton that is used on washable cloth diapers. We have certainly come a long way in making washable diapers a more convenient and useful item. Having organic cotton makes the washable diapers extremely comfortable, safe and soft. Not to mention, pleasantly affordable, unlike the large folded washable nappies of the old days in war times.

To some people feel that disposable diapers are extremely convenient, they need to think again. All the materials that are used to make a disposable diaper, as compared to a washable diaper, are really dangerous when used over long periods of time. Most disposable diaper brands, will not freely reveal the raw materials involved in the making of a disposable. There are several reasons for this. For starters, the materials aren’t always ethically sourced. Besides this, any mother would tell you that their baby has suffered a diaper rash at some point. However, in the case of washable cloth diapering, or use of washable diapers, the wash routine that is recommended is such that the washable diaper is washed and sun dried so well, and one has absolutely no doubt that there is nothing harmful touching a baby’s skin. In the case of disposables however, one cannot say the same. Several chemicals, gels, perfumes and fragrances are involved, most of which are hard to even pronounce, let alone research. To choose a diaper brand and type, is to make a very important decision. It is after all, an item that will be touching your baby’s skin almost all day and night every day, until toddlerhood. The first two years of a baby’s life is when she is most vulnerable to a host of diseases, infections, even skin conditions, and the type of diaper used can drastically affect the skin, and sometimes more than that. Brands like Superbottoms, which boast of the very best quality safe materials in their washable diapers, take pride in revealing what goes into the making of a washable diaper. They also have researched well, the types of detergents that may be safely used on their fabrics, and the brand advises all its customers on these matters repeatedly. Hand-holding with the customer, until every last customer has got the wash routine down perfectly, is what the brand always does, leaving its every single customer without a doubt.

When Superbottoms recommends a detergent to their customers, for their washable diapers, they always make sure to include the fact that the detergent must be free of additives and fragrances. This is especially important for two reasons. The first reason is that these fragrances are often made of harsh chemicals that strip the material of the product, leaving the fabric that does not absorb as well anymore. A washable cloth diaper that doesn’t have absorbency is as good as useless to any mother. The second reason why fragrance-free detergents are used is because the detergents which contain fragrances, (chemical laden) would certainly cause a lot of skin irritation on an infant or baby.

When brands of any products list the word “fragrance” as one of their ingredients, it should raise a red flag. By law, it isn’t required that the company reveal exactly what goes into the making of this fragrance. The chemicals involved in producing the sweet-smelling scents are often very harsh chemicals, many times also carcinogens and other items, which you definitely do not want your baby in contact with. What makes Superbottoms washable diapers even better is the fact that the washable diapers themselves, do not contain any masking fragrances. A ‘masking fragrance’ is a fragrance that is used in a product, in this case- a diaper, to mask the smell of pee/ poop. When out in public, it may be slightly embarrassing to have a baby with a smelly diaper, but what would be worse, is having a baby with a pooped-in diaper, and a mother who is unaware! The baby would be uncomfortable, and poop, being acidic in nature, starts to cause a lot of discomfort and irritation on the little baby’s skin, thus causing a rash. Far better is a perfume-free washable diaper, which helps you, a mother, attend to your baby’s washable diaper as soon as is possible, keeping your baby’s safety, health and comfort a number one priority.

Those that argue with eco conscious parents who choose to use washable cloth diapers instead of disposables, often use the argument that the excessive use of water used for these washable items, outweighs the problems caused by disposables. However, this is far from the truth. The increase in water usage to washable diapers is negligible when compared with the water used to produce a disposable diaper!

Disposable diapers are being commonly used across all sections of society, with most families being able to largely afford the once expensive item. They make for a great amount of convenience, but the dangers that they pose, in terms of infant health risks, and environmental damage cannot and must not be ignored. When a disposable diaper, which seems to be harmless, ends in a dustbin, to be picked up by the authorities, there is absolutely no appropriate way to dispose it ethically. While paper, plastic, glass, even metal can all be sold to be recycled into new items, items like tampons, disposable diapers, and sanitary pads are 100% non recyclable and cause immense disease and environmental damage. When a baby is sick, their feces also carries traces of the virus, which eventually is lying somewhere wrapped up in plastic, where the virus is allowed to thrive and spread rampantly. All this puts all life on earth at immense risk. Humans, animals, as well as soil contamination, leading to plant life getting damaged as well. It is not just the disposed diaper that causes damage, but the production of the disposable diaper as well. Every year, more than 2 lakh trees disappear from the earth, only for the production of disposable diapers. Wood pulp being a major raw material in the disposable diaper, it is only obvious that forests are a natural resource that is being constantly abused by the disposable diaper industry. There are several natural resources that are not being renewed or sustained, and it is a huge shame. Working very hard to change that, Superbottoms is trying to make washable cloth diapers the norm. Making cloth washable diapers mainstream, is one of its missions, and clearly, this mission shows no signs of slowing down at all. Sometimes, the disposable diaper will end up in a water body, and since it requires air and sunlight to begin decomposing (slowly, over the next 500 years) it will not decompose easily in water. Instead, water contamination begins to rapidly take place. Slowly, this contamination will seep into wells, and all of the soil which is used to grow our food will also be contaminated.

When compared to 1 washable diaper, the production of a single disposable diaper, uses three times as much energy as a washable diaper takes to produce. It takes more than ten times the raw materials to produce 1 single disposable, compared with a washable diaper.

Did you ever wonder what makes a disposable diaper so light and absorbent like magic? It is far from magical, when you get to the heart of the matter. Unlike a washable diaper, disposable diapers contain a super absorbent gel, called sodium polyacrylate. This is what soaks all the wetness in a diaper. However, this seemingly harmless gel is actually quite deadly. It has often been linked to childhood asthma attacks, in toddlers and children, and chronic asthma in adults as well. The gel is also deadly when picked up or chewed on by stray dogs or cattle from street garbage bins, and is extremely poisonous.

Many disposable diaper brand giants will not own up to the damage they cause. It may be negligible in a single diaper, but every newborn goes through about 10-12 diapers a day. And when you do the math, the end figures are far from negligible. Every baby uses close to 7000-8000 disposable diapers. However, if cloth diapered using washable diapers, the number usually stops at a modest 10-20. All of these 10 washable and reusable diapers may be passed on to a younger sibling, or repurposed into another item as well. No damage done at all. This can hardly be said in the case of a disposable.

Ever baby in disposable diapers goes through approximately 7000-8000 diaper changes, and that number means, for every baby in the world, there are close to 7000 dirty, smelly, disposable diapers lying unattended somewhere, in soil or oceans. This thought is enough to send shivers down anybody’s spine.

washable diapers like Superbottoms washable cloth diapers stop at nothing to help the world adapt to these eco conscious changes. Recently, the brand has set a brilliant example in sustainability and zero waste, by launching a whole new maternity product that has been made using scraps that would have otherwise gone to waste. They launched a range of nursing pads, also reusable and washable, that are a great addition to their ever growing collection of baby care and hygiene items. The washable diaper, when it comes to sustainability, hygiene, safety, comfort, zero-waste, and fragrance free is a winner on all these fronts. The washable modern cloth diaper remains to be the unmatched diaper in safety and baby comfort.

The washable diapers have an incredible durability which means, if washed correctly, that they are still in perfect condition long after your child has outgrown them as well. The fact that the washable diapers are of such a great quality, make them the top choice, if you care about high quality and comfort for your baby. For a mother worried about rashes, or someone with a baby that is easily vulnerable to skin infections, the organic cotton washable diaper is a clear choice.

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