A cloth diaper is a diaper that is reusable, because it is made from materials that are natural, durable and washable. Usually, a cloth diapers is made from cotton, although there are several which may be made from a variety of other materials as well, such as hemp, bamboo fiber, or wool. In some diapers, additional layers of fabric are added, to build on the absorbency, so that the diaper may soak moisture for longer periods of time.

In the old days, cloth diapers were very different from what they are today. The cloth diaper has been through a very complex evolution in several aspects, from look, to convenience, safety and hygiene, and comfort of a baby too. Traditionally, all over the world, cloth diapers were nothing but a large sheet of cloth, folded into a convenient shape to wrap around a baby’s bottom, and held together by large safety pins. This particular kind, is still used by some cloth diapering moms today, though a bit more complex and inconvenient to use, and it is known today as a flat, given that it is simply a cloth, that can be opened out flat. The flat is probably the most widely used cloth diaper type worldwide in history. In the old days, cloth diapers were extremely hard to use, involved frequent washing and drying, and once people became aware of the hygiene factor, the cloth diapers were boiled after every use as well!

Around the sixties, disposables took over, and they soon replaced cloth diapers. When disposable diapers hit the shelves, they quickly caught on, as it limited the workload of modern working moms. Once changed, all that one needed to do was to toss it in the trash, and it was forgotten forever. However, environmental and health concerns are rapidly putting people off disposable diapers, and once again, the cloth diaper is slowly starting to become the norm. With so many people today more educated and aware of the health and safety dangers to both children, and to the environment in terms of pollution, lots of people are making the switch to cloth diapers.

Modern cloth diapers are much more convenient than the diapers of yesteryears. Today, they are much easier to use and wash, can be easily adjusted to fit all babies, and they are waterproof, and can be worn for long hours with no harm or discomfort to a baby. Some cloth diapers come with a pocket, which can be stuffed and customized according to the absorbency needed. The outer shell of a modern cloth diaper is usually printed in very attractive prints that can be matched with a favorite outfit, shifting the cloth diaper from a hygiene and essential item, to a fashion/ style item as well! The cloth diaper craze, addiction, or fandom is very real among mom circles, and the term ‘cloth-diaper hyena’ was coined when someone commented about how moms stalked diapers with the most attractive prints and designs.

Today, cloth diapers have come far, and in India, Superbottoms is just one of the few brandsin India manufacturing the ‘modern cloth diaper’ that are slowly coming up. Superbottoms, which has won Best Cloth Diapering brand for two consecutive years now,aims to make cloth mainstream and the fact that these cloth diapers are extremely easy to use, is what helps the case for cloth diapers.

Around 2002 and 2003 saw many large cloth diaper companies trying hard to protect their designs, and prevent smaller upcoming cloth diaper companies from making similar products. Many were threatened with legal action as well. This caused several small-timecloth diaper makers to shut shop, having decided that the effort fighting massive companies was not worth it. Around 2005 was a boom in the modern cloth diaper industry, which is when several of the new diaper businesses started. The convenience of these items was started to show, and cloth diaper production increased a great deal. However, it was still a while before India saw any sign of this cloth diaper boom. Some moms, having heard of modern cloth diapers had used the ones manufactured abroad, and while some caught on, most found that the imported cloth diapers were a bit hard to use, as they were not really made with the Indian consumer in mind. This led to some enterprising mums cashing in on the opportunity, but for Pallavi Utagi, it was more than just a business venture. Her search for a safe and cloth diaper as an alternative grew out of a need to protect her own baby. After her baby developed a diaper rash, it pained Pallavi to see her son being harmed by products that were essentially, unsafe for babies, yet marketed, sold and used on a large scale. Years of detailed research and experimentation followed, in Pallavi’s attempt to create a great new alternative cloth diaper for Indian babies: a cloth diaper, that was safe, comfortable, convenient to use and to wash. After consulting with several textile experts and plenty of research, the first Superbottoms Modern cloth diaper was produced, and it was a hit right away! Despite this, theSuperbottoms cloth diaper company continues to have innovation and improvisation at its heart, all the while accepting customer feedback, and continuing to evolve the image of the modern cloth diaper until it suits the need of every Indian baby.

There are various types of cloth diapers in the market, and this can confuse a new user.

Covers, are the shells worn over a cloth diaper. They are usually waterproof, to prevent the diaper’s outside from getting damp. They are usually worn over flats, prefolds, or tie-up style diapers. Of the Superbottoms advanced cloth diapers all of them come with a diaper shell, which is an essential element in the cloth diaper.

Flats are flat single-layer pieces of cloth that are folded a certain way to be used as a diaper. They are usually made of muslin, or flannel, although any absorbent cloth can be used. This can be added load of work, as each flat has to be folded and placed on a baby, which can get harder to do as a baby grows older and more active.

Prefold cloth diapers are usually cloths that are folded and sewn together to form more layers. They get their name from the fact that earlier, flats needed folding before use, and with the arrival of these, which were pre-folded, the job of folding was already done. This, while making it slightly easier to change a prefold cloth diaper, still requires some effort, more than an advanced cloth diaper.

Tie up style cloth diapers are like the traditional baby langots we had in India, which are fastened by strings instead of buttons or pins, and which continue to be used for new-borns even today by many families.  For those who prefer using this lighter version of cloth nappy too, Superbottoms has come up with a safer alternative to the cheap common langots that are available in the market. The new and improved baby langot, made by Superbottoms is called the Super Nappy, and is made of certified organic cotton, it is also printed, and is printed using azo free dyes. The new Super Nappy also boasts of gentle elastics around the waist and thigh, to prevent messy leaks.

Today, thanks to the changing trends, one doesn’t only think of big packs of disposable diapers when considering diapers. Cloth diapers are quickly catching on, thanks to companies like Superbottoms, who are attempting to gradually convert every mom to this eco-friendly and safer alternative. The Superbottoms brand claims that their cloth diapers can be used and washed up to 200-300 times!

Clean air, water and soil are the least of what we owe to our future generations and it is our responsibility to at least preserve what is left of our planet.Using disposable diapers instead of cloth diapers is only going to make matters worse for our planet which is already in bad shape.Picking eco friendly alternatives to everything, such as cloth diapers, is the first step to leaving a cleaner planet for our children.

As greener choices are being created for every aspect of life from food choices and cutlery to eco friendly buildings and energy efficient cars and vehicles it is only natural that these choices have to be adapted in the form of cloth diapers, when it comes to baby and childcare as well.   Diapers don’t always have to end up in the trash. When cloth diapers are used the same washable diaper may be used several hundred times. Even in countries where waste segregation is given the utmost care, disposable diapers are items that have no efficient or appropriate way of disposal. Since the disposal of the dirty diaper usually creates toxic waste, a safe and eco friendlycloth diaper alternative is a welcome change, and cloth diapers fit the need perfectly.

A diaper is usually the very first item to touch a baby’s skin, after its birth, but do we ever really give a thought to what all goes into the diaper? For a new born baby, sudden exposure to new air, and a new environment can shock its system, and when exposed to a material like a disposable diaper, laden with chemicals and fragrances, who knows what effect it might have on a baby? Nothing is quite as safe as cloth diapers when it comes to a new born. And not just any cloth, but certified organic cotton cloth diapers. Superbottoms goes the extra mile when it comes to safety in their cloth diapers, after all, it is a product for little babies, who are so delicate and vulnerable. Many new mums and dads aren’t fully aware of the harmful effects of sposies, having seen so many people use them commonly, but thanks to Superbottoms, we now know just what is good for our babies.

A cloth diaper is definitely a better choice, as it does absolutely no damage to the earth, or to the skin. The alternative, a disposable, will not only harm your child as he is wearing it, but will continue to do harm to the earth and water bodies, for centuries after we are no more.

Superbottoms does a great deal more than any other cloth diapering brand when it comes to customer support. It has a great cloth diapering helpline, which offers support in several Indian languages, and helps all its cloth diapering customers with every last detail they may struggle with, be it getting the perfect fit of their cloth diaper on the baby, to prevent a leaky diaper, buying the most suitable detergent, having your cloth diaper laundry water supply tested for water hardness, and suggestions on what one can do about it, to protect your cloth diapers from mold and bacteria, help with washing machine settings, and other details related to cloth diapers as well.

The detergents recommended by most of the cloth diapering brands must be fragrance free, in order for the cloth diaper fabric to remain absorbent and effective. This not only ensures that the cloth diaper’s life is long, but also that there are less pollutants in the groundwater.

When detergents with fragrances are used, or liquid detergents, they can be harsh, and they can cause a great deal of damage to the cloth used in the diaper. This will in turn lead to leaks, and thuscloth diaper will be largely ineffective. Besides the damage it may cause to the cloth diaper, it may also cause a lot of skin irritation on a small baby. Fragrance in a baby product is not always a good thing. The term fragrance is used, but what goes into the fragrance is unknown. The chemicals that are used to create this fragrance are often extremely toxic and dangerous for the environment as well.

The best thing about cloth diapers is that is is chemical-free and fragrance-free. The word fragrance, in cloth diaper or any baby product should sound warning bells in any mother, as this essentially means that the product is chemical laden. A baby exposed to harsh chemicals can be affected by various conditions that may last for life, and parents need to make informed decisions before buying any of these. The reason for this is that the law does not require a company to state what goes into any of these fragrances.

Unlike a disposable diaper, a cloth diaper never uses any masking fragrances, and even discourages the use of baby powders, another seemingly harmless product which actually can do more harm than one may imagine. When a disposable diaper uses a masking fragrance inside it, it delays a diaper change, as the caregiver would not necessarily realise that the baby needs changing. The fragrance may mask the smell of a poopy-diaper, and thus delay its changing. This is not comfortable for a baby at all.

In the argument for and against cloth diapers , several sposie-users argue that the excessive use of cloth diapers also leads to excessive water wastage, and this nullifies the whole eco friendly approach to parenting. However, this is not the case at all. Take the case of Superbottoms cloth diapers. The cloth diapers may be washed along with your regular laundry in a washing machine. All that is needed is a pre-wash before the main wash, and your diapers are clean and easy to use once more! Besides, the amount of water that goes into washing cloth diapers is negligible when compared to the amount of water used in producing a single disposable diaper. When a single disposable diaper is produced, it uses up over ten times the raw materials that are needed to produce a cloth diaper. It also requires thrice the energy to make a disposable as compared to a cloth diaper.

Disposables cause a great deal of risk to your baby and to the environment. A cloth diaper on the other hand, can easily be used and handed down to younger babies in the family, and eventually be repurposed into other smaller items as well.

The production of a disposable diaper is also damaging to the eco system. With wood pulp being a major ingredient in disposable diapers over 2,00,000

trees are cut down every year, for the sole purpose of manufacture of disposable diapers. Whether or not these are being replanted by the giants of the diaper industry, remains to be seen.

SuperbottomsCloth Diapers recently came up with a great initiative to address this issue of reforestation, where a small percentage of the sales of a forest themed diaper were contributed to an NGO that works at reforestation. Of course, this is just a small part of what this cloth diaper company is really doing, which is aiming to make cloth diapering mainstream. Once cloth diapering is mainstream, it would be a huge change that has swept across the country to protect the environment from deforestation and from environmental pollution too.

A disposable diaper contains some tiny gel-like substances which is made from something called Sodium Polyacrylate. This is what is extremely absorbent and allows the baby to feel dry for long hours. However, what many people don’t know is that this substance istoxic, and it causes a large number of chronic illnesses and even death when ingested by animals. If you use disposable diapers, and have pets at home, they cause a major hazard, and could cause death in some cases too!

When a discarded disposablesits around in a landfill for hundreds of years, it causes major green house gas emissions. This constantly being released increasingly into the atmosphere is only leading to a dark and dismal future for the earth. The companies that make these diapers argue that the greenhouse gas emissions, while they are real, are very tiny quantities, and should be ignored. But when one does the math, tiny is hardly the word one can use to describe the numbers of diapers that are in landfills. When one considers the number of babies and diapers in the world, the numbers are hardly negligible. Each baby goes through approximately 7000 diapers before they are eventually toilet trained, and multiply that number by every baby in the world, to give you the mind-numbing number of disposables that are sitting in landfills, or choking our marine life in the seas and oceans. When you use cloth diapers, it can be used for years before passing them to a relative or anyone with a new baby, who could use the cloth diapers all over again. The cloth diapers can be re-used, just as we use clothes and shoes for several years until the children outgrow them and pass them to somebody else.

The Superbottomscloth diaper brand is slowly but surely becoming a household name in the field of cloth diapering. The brand has a team of all-mothers, who use the products on their own babies too. This helps them understand the product and the minor challenges that come with it. The all moms team helps new mothers on their helpline, as well as their Facebook group Superbottoms Family, a group that boasts of a whopping 20,000 members, all happy users of the products. This number is steadily on the rise. The team of mothers, all take sustainability rather seriously, having adapted these changes in various aspects of their lives as well.

Well, the bottom line is that the Superbottoms cloth diaper, being an all-natural, fragrance free, zero waste, comfortable and baby-safe item, is a clear smarter choice for any smart parent. The advanced cloth diaper, made by Superbottoms has even been safety tested and certified by US standards since our country has no safety standard certification system in place for children’s products. The cloth diapers and other products made by the Superbottoms Cloth Diaper company  use the very best quality in raw materials and stops at nothing to ensure that baby is comfortable and mommy is stress free.

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