Personalised Demo Request

You can choose a video demo or a home demo as per your convenience, just fill in the form and someone from our mommy team will get in touch with you to schedule a suitable time for the demo.

VIDEO DEMO REQUEST (Available across India and Internationally)


Home demo service not available in your city? Try our VIDEO DEMO!

Fill the form below and one of our moms-connect team members will reach out to you for a VIDEO DEMO on Superbottoms.

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HOME DEMO REQUEST (Available in select cities only)

Confused about cloth diapering? Would you like to get a HOME DEMO on cloth diapers?

Fill this form and we will arrange for a one on one with a mother of our moms-connect team soon 🙂

Do note that this service is available in limited areas only. For other areas, we also have a VIDEO DEMO option. Details below. 

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