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Maternity hospital bag essentials- A checklist

What an expecting mom should put in her hospital bag? During pregnancy, the waiting for your special little ones’ arrival, can make you terribly moody and restless, and this is a time when one can do the craziest things. Making lists of items I needed in hospital was something I repeatedly did, during my own... continue reading

How is Super Nappy different from regular langot/nappy?

How is Super Nappy different from regular langot/nappy? Our SuperNappy is the a hybrid Langot.  With organic cotton , 4 layer padding , dry feel layer and gentle elastics- its the perfect diaper free time option! There are many reasons why people choose langots. For one, people may choose this if baby is very small,… continue reading

Superbottoms Cloth Diaper VS Super nappy (hybrid baby langot)

If you’re a new parent, pregnant, or just completely new to cloth diapers and nappies, I can imagine your confusion. You might think both of them are same. What is the difference between Superbottoms cloth diapers, and Superbottoms Super nappies? Well, look no further. Help is right here! To begin with, the SuperNappy is essentially… continue reading

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