Tag: Disposable Diapers and Cloth diapers

Superbottoms VS Disposable diapers

So you’re using diapers on your baby. But do you know that the type of diaper you use on your baby matters a lot? Cloth or disposable? Which one to choose? Read further and find out! Is your baby's diaper skin friendly? Do you know what goes inside your baby's diaper? Well, disposable diapers contain... continue reading

Comparison between disposable diapers and cloth diapers

Advanced or Modern Cloth Diapers are a sophisticated diapering system made entirely of cloth. Cloth Diapers in India are a fast growing trend with the conscientious new parents. As a new parent, when you make a choice of diaper, some of the key factors are – Baby’s comfort:This of course is a key factor to consider and... continue reading

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