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Cloth Diapering on a Vacation

Cloth Diapering on Vacation: A real case study!When we went on our first vacation with baby Glen, I took it as an adventure to exclusively cloth diaper during our vacation. We went on a ten days holiday to Goa which happens to be our native place. I was not confident, to be honest, to cloth... continue reading

Keep your Babies Cool this Summer with Cloth Nappies

Are you tired of the scorching sun and the warm winds? Then think of your baby who also must deal with the extreme temperature and the ruthless nature this summer. Try out cool Superbottoms Summer Cloth Diapers! Babies come with soft skin and are very sensitive to excess cold or heat. When put into plastic disposable... continue reading

Cloth Diapering Out of Home

Many parents believe that reusable diapers are to be used primarily at home. They use them at home during day-time while for nights and for going out; they prefer to use disposables because they are, as the name suggests, easy to dispose. However, cloth diapering out of home is much simpler than you think. Here are 4... continue reading

5 key factors to consider while choosing a cloth diaper for your baby

When you have a baby, you have to make many choices about every small thing. In this blog, we will try making one choice easier for you. Choosing a cloth diaper or a right reusable cloth diaper (Advanced cloth diaper) for your baby. Some factors you want to figure out before you begin choosing a... continue reading

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