So you’re using diapers on your baby. But do you know that the type of diaper you use on your baby matters a lot? Cloth or disposable? Which one to choose?

Read further and find out!

Is your baby’s diaper skin friendly?

Do you know what goes inside your baby’s diaper?

Well, disposable diapers contain substances such as Sodium Polyacrylate, Dioxin and harmful dyes. Compare that with the material in the core of Superbottoms modern cloth diapers, and it’s no surprise that anybody making an informed decision about diapering their baby would pick Superbottoms cloth diapers any day!

Superbottoms Cloth Diapers are safety tested and certified and they have an incredibly comfortable layer of PUL, a waterproof but breathable fabric. They have a stay dry layer in the form of a layer of microfleece, which can keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable even after several hours of wearing them. The disposable diapers on the other hand, contain harmful chemicals, traces of plastic, are prone to leakages, and can get rather uncomfortable after a while.

Are your baby diapers burning hole in your pocket?

Switch to Superbottoms- 70% cheaper than disposables!

Disposable diapers are an exhaustible item that need to bought over and over, that definitely take a toll on your wallet over a period of time, as your baby grows over the first three years of life. Spending 76,000 over a period of 3 years when you consider the average cost of disposable diapers that one would need. A far better option is Superbottoms cloth diapers that would cost only approximately Rupees 14,000 for a stash that will last for up to 3 years. Superbottoms cloth diapers cost a whopping 70% cheaper than disposables.

Is your baby’s diaper eco-friendly?

Did you know? A disposable diaper stays in landfills for 500 years!

A disposable diaper that is thrown out in the trash eventually ends up in the ocean or landfills, where it continues to contaminate the earth or water bodies for several hundred years. The damage done by disposables is almost irreversible and causes huge health concerns for the future generations as well.

On the other hand, Superbottoms Cloth Diapers, being reusable and washable, can not only be used repeatedly over a number of years, but can be passed on to younger siblings even after three years of use. This makes Superbottoms the most environmentally friendly choice for any diapered baby.

Still running to supermart for bigger diaper size?

No need to buy different sizes! Superbottoms are adjustable!

If your baby uses disposables, he tends to outgrow each size every few months. This requires you to buy a new sizes every few months and can cause confusion. In the case of Superbottoms Cloth diapers, the snaps that are cleverly placed in the front and sides of the diaper that allow the height and the waist of the diaper to fit perfectly no matter if your child is a small, medium build or an awkward in-between size. The size can be perfectly customised to fit any baby from 3 months to 3 years! Isn’t that incredible?

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