Superbottoms- India’s No. 1 Voted Eco-Friendly Diaper by Moms


You always choose the best for your baby!

When baby is born, the first nappy used is always a cloth nappy or langot. So, you love langots/nappies as are made of cloth hence breathable and skin friendly.

BUT they only last one pee, are messy to clean and are not stay dry and baby feels wet in them.

And then there are disposables which last long, are waterproof and are stay dry too but are not skin friendly as they contain several harmful chemicals. And they are a menace to the environment.

Did you know? A disposable diaper lasts on earth for 500 years?

Is there a something with the benefits of both cloth langot and a disposable diaper without any harmful chemicals?

 YES!  Superbottoms diapers! 

Superbottoms are diapers made of cloth but are waterproof, stay dry and last all night!

They which come with a waterproof outer shell and organic cotton inserts with a unique SuperDryFeel fabric so that the baby doesn’t feel wetness even after peeing!

YES! All the goodness of cloth with the convenience of disposable = SUPERBOTTOMS.

Moreover Superbottoms are reusable 300+ times and the same diaper can be used from 5 kg – 17 kg (3 months- 3 years) as the diaper comes with different size adjustments.

Isn’t this awesome?

Diapers that are waterproof, stay dry, reusable, washable, lasts all night, come with organic cotton, are skin friendly and are CPSIA (USA) certified.

No wonder our diapers have been voted best twice in a row in last 2 years by KSP awards.


Don’t believe us, Are you wondering if Superbottoms is awesome for real?

Can you truly get the convenience of disposable diapers in the goodness of a cloth diaper?

There’s only one way to find out – Try it, Love it

30 Day Free Returns. NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Still not sure?

Join 11000+ real parents across India and abroad on Superbottoms Family group and ask them 🙂

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