Rewards Program


At Superbottoms, we do not just sell cloth diapers, but build long lasting relationships with our customers.

Some of whom join our team and become family, while others continue to passionately endorse us.

This program is exactly for those lovely members of our Superbottoms Family

It also has a SIGN UP BONUS for our new members, scroll down to know more!

With our Supersmiles program you can earn points which you can encash to receive lovely discounts!

Do note that the referral program is separate and you can read about it here


Sign up Bonus

When you sign up for our Supersmiles program, you receive 7500 smiles!

Which is equivalent to a straight Rs 75 discount coupon, how cool is that?

Points on each purchase

Every 1000 Rupees spent on our site gets you 5000 Smiles!

5000 Smiles = 50 Rs

Message us  here for availing this

Review us!

Your word is very valuable.

Upto 5,000 points credit for your review for Superbottoms. (Maximum 2 reviews per platform- Refer Rules and Regulations below for details)

Just share a screenshot after review with us here- Message us  here for availing this

What’s more?

Apart from the obvious bonuses such as sign up bonus, cash back points, and  there will be some not so obvious ones as well 🙂

To know more about how you can earn points by blogging for us and helping us spread a word on cloth diapering, PM us

Example – flash bonus, Cloth Diaper Day bonus, Just-Like-That bonus

Keep tuned to our updates on our Superbottoms Family group for details!

Rules and regulations
please read!

The point system is to reward customers who love Superbottoms.

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford

And we strongly believe in that!

We are working towards making a strong community of parents who care about the future of this planet and join hands to raise kids who care for the environment.

As an all-moms team, we have built a lovely Superbottoms Family and this program is our small token of gratitude for their support.

  • Please therefore DO NOT misuse the program by creating multiple profiles and placing multiple orders. If such deliberate attempt is noticed, Team Superbottoms reserves the right to ban the id and the customer from the program.
  • The decisions by the team in all disputes will be final, no requests for missed points, cancelled order points, or any other exceptions will be entertained
  • For a particular order, a customer can pay only upto 50% of the order value via smiles and not more than that.  This means for an order of Rs 1000 you can pay 50% of this order in smiles, Hence if you have  smiles worth Rs 700 you can pay Rs 500 via smiles (50% of order value) for this order worth Rs 1000.
  • Every 45 days 10,000 smiles will expire from your balance
  • The program will be effective from the date of launch as announced on our Facebook Page here. Any orders placed before that, WITHOUT EXCEPTION will not be eligible for any points
  • In case of a COD order is rejected AFTER CONFIRMATION, not only will the points pertaining to that order be deducted, but we will also be deducting a further 10000 Smiles because it costs us significantly to ship a COD order.
  • Once redeemed we will not be able to re-credit the points back if order is cancelled or abandoned
  • Review reward points will be given only for genuine platforms and reviews. Platforms and points : Facebook review on our page (5000 points), Review on our website (2000 points), Reviews on e-commerce/online retail platforms (5000 points- only verified purchase reviews)
  • Please note only 2 reviews per platform are allowed. For example if you are reviewing us on our website, we will only give credit for 2 reviews, even if 4 reviews are posted. Since customers might feel as spammed with multiple reviews.
  • Review points and other activity points may take upto 10 days to credit

We also have many lovely ways to earn mega points! Message us to know more. 


You have 7500 Smiles in your Account.