MINI VALUE PACK: Superbottoms Plus UNO

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This pack contains:

2 Superbottoms Plus UNO Diaper shells (our one wash prep, super versatile diaper)

3 Stay dry organic cotton soakers for UNO

3 Organic cotton boosters for UNO

2 Wipes

2 fleece liners

When you buy this pack, you save Rs 120.




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You can choose the soaker type you prefer. Regular soaker is a pad like soaker which is easy to use - just snap and go! Magic soaker is a prefold type soaker which you fold then snap - it dries faster.


You can choose the soaker type you prefer. Regular soaker is a pad like soaker which is easy to use - just snap and go! Magic soaker is a prefold type soaker which you fold then snap - it dries faster.


This is a pack of Soaker Set for Superbottoms Plus Uno diaper This pack contains -
  1. One main soaker with 8 layers of GOTS certified Organic cotton with SUPERDRYFEEL
  2. One Organic Cotton booster

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Reusable Stay-Dry Fleece Nappy Liners (Set of 2)

These are stay-dry liners made of fleece. The dimensions are 34x16 cm. These liners can be used if -
  1. You want to make poop cleaning easier
  2. You want to use rash-cream or powder
Set of 2 liners

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Superwipes - Pack of TWO | 100% Organic Cotton Wipes

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6 reviews for MINI VALUE PACK: Superbottoms Plus UNO

  1. najinanazar66 (verified owner)

    Very nice valuepack for starters…. The fleece liners are a blessing and makes poop cleaning easy.. Easy to use, no chemicals, no rashes, eco friendly and comfortable cloth diapers.. So nice to be part of superbottoms family. ❤

  2. riddhiparikh72 (verified owner)

    I was using disposable diapers since my lo birth. She is 5.5 months old now and I wasn’t happy with the traditional langot method. Because I always had to keep a mat under her and couldn’t move around with her freely. Then I stumbled upon super bottoms and I’m the happiest with them. They hold good number of pees and also is very very soft on the babies bottoms. It looks also very nice and now I take her out also in the sb. I agree it is a little expensive but it is worth every penny.

  3. angelswati2009

    I wish I knew about SB CD earlier…when my baby was born. Since I was not willing to use disposable diapers due to many reasons rashes being one of them,it was very difficult for me in the first 2 months. Now my baby is 4 months old and I have started using CD …and I am just in love with these beauties. I have already endorsed SB to all my expecting friends

  4. Roshini (verified owner)

    I started using the super bottoms stash builder last is so easy and eco friendly and rash free ..feel really good to be a part of super bottoms family

  5. hameeru.razik

    For two months I used it cause some redness on his skin… Now switched to Superbottoms…
    Happy to be the part to make the environment as safer place..
    I love with the quality of your products…

    • SuperBottoms (verified owner)

      Thank you so much. We are glad people like you help us in our mission to protect the environment, while also keeping our little ones safe and comfortable!

      Team Superbottoms

  6. er.jain.meenakshi (verified owner)

    I love Superbottoms and their performance. My baby sleeps through the night without feeling any wetness. So I do too. I can sleep peacefully too. Those nights are gone when I used to keep on changing nappies all over night and no sleep for me. All in all, worth every penny I spent.

    • SuperBottoms (verified owner)

      So wonderful to hear that you’re having a good night’s sleep! That’s so important for your health. And we are very happy to have played our part in helping you achieve that!

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I want to start cloth diapers for my 2 month old baby. How can I start?Back to product
asked by Anonymous on 2018-10-10 17:04:45
2 answers shown
  1. If your baby is above 4.5 kgs, you can go for any of the two options – 1) New born size diapers- The new born size diaper fits babies from new born till 7kgs (Usually 6 months or so) You can check them here - 2) Superbottoms Plus UNO : How many you buy is a figure that depends exclusively on how much you use them, the type of diaper you use, how much your baby pees and how frequently you wash them. For example, if you use 3 disposables every day, you will need a total of 6-10 diapers in the entire span of 3-4 years. If you are new to cloth diapering, you could try a starter kit and then buy more depending on how many you may need.
    Team Superbottoms answered on 2019-04-30 10:46:27
  2. Please help us with the weight of the baby. The UNO is a free size diaper and fits babies from 5kgs till 17kgs. if your baby is below 4.5kgs, we suggest getting new born size diapers. Please whatsapp or call us on 9819313426
    SuperBottoms answered on 2018-10-24 09:46:15