MEGA Value Pack: Cover Diaper (Fits 5kg- 17kg babies)

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This pack contains –

3 Cover diapers with a SUPER DRY FEEL Organic Cotton Soaker each  (3 soakers)

1 pack of 3 SUPER DRY FEEL Organic Cotton Soakers

1 wet bag

8 Wipes

5 Fleece liners

The original price of this pack is Rs 4643.

With this pack you save Rs 371.

Note- wipes will be muslin wipes


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Superbottoms Cover Designs


Superbottoms Cover Designs 2


Superbottoms Cover Designs 2


Superbottoms Organic Cotton dry-feel soakers (Pack of 3)

This is a pack of 3 dry-feel organic cotton soakers. The insert/soaker is topped with microfleece. Do note that the microfleece is what comes in contact with baby’s skin and keeps it dry. These pads are  shaped for a good comfortable fit and has 2 snaps at back to hold in place. Each soaker lasts upto 3-5 hours for average wetting babies. The soakers come with 2 snaps and can be snapped easily on the new ‘Easy tab’ covers.    

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Superbag - wetbags (Choose Print from dropdown)


Reusable Stay-Dry Fleece Nappy Liners (Set of 5)

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Superwipes Set (Set of 8 wipes)

This pack contains 8 100% cotton organic wipes. Our wipes are super soft, they can be used to clean baby face or during diaper chance time and more. You can use these any time. 100% organic wipes- Without any coloured dyes/ chemicals. Hence completely safe to be used in intimate areas. Do note that this is NOT the Superwipes kit. This is only a set of wipes.

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1 review for MEGA Value Pack: Cover Diaper (Fits 5kg- 17kg babies)

  1. Dheepthi R

    I first tried superbottoms when my baby was a month old.I decided to give cloth diapers a try when my baby was waking up often in wetness of cotton langot .Did lots of research and settled with superbottoms and one other brand among which superbottoms cover diaper became my favourite .My baby sleeps for longer hour as her bum is dry even being a heavy wetter.Cleaning poop on the insert is so easy to my surprise and it doesn’t leave stains too.Totally in love with superbottoms and have made my friends to buy through tempting them with designs on my baby’s bum

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  1. There are no answers for this question yet.
  2. There are no answers for this question yet.
  3. A Yes, absolutely. The soakers are reusable and can be used for upto 200-300 washes if the recommended wash routine is followed. This could be up to 3 years, when used in rotation with 3-4 diapers.
  4. There are no answers for this question yet.
  5. A The outer shell of cover diapers are made of PUL which is like a laminated cloth. PUL is very breathable because it allows air to pass but not water. It is a water resistant shell. It is topped with a velvety soft layer to make it more comfortable for babies.
  6. A Absolutely. Cover diapers are available here...
  7. A Fleece liners are a thin sheet of fleece that helps in easy cleaning of poop. The diapers are easy to clean if the baby poops because most of the poop is caught on the liner and your job of cleaning the poop becomes much more easier. It’s ideal to use a fleece liner if you need to apply any lotion or rash cream on the baby.