SUPERSOFT Cover Diaper with 1 Dry-Feel Organic Cotton soaker (inserts) – Periwinkle



  1. Supersoft Waterproof adjustable one size outer diaper shell with snaps to hold inserts
  2. One GOTS certified Organic cotton insert (8 layers) with snaps and with Super dry feel layer on top that does not let baby feel wetness


Free Size- Adjustable diaper (1 diaper= 4 different sizes)

5kg – 17 kg babies and toddlers

A diaper that grows with your baby

What is Superbottoms Supersoft cover diaper?

Cover diapers are diapers with a waterproof outer shell and removable soakers. The soaker is made of GOTS certified cotton with a dry-feel layer on top that keeps baby dry even after they pee.

It is like a nappy pad with cover. So once the pad is full, you can change the pad and reuse the outer cover. The Superbottoms cover diaper has a velvety soft layer on the entire shell which makes it very gentle and comfortable for the baby’s skin.

What does it work for?

AGE : It Fits babies from 5kgs till 17kgs. (Usually from 3 months till 2.5-3 years old).

Aborbency :  The soaker (also known as insert) needs to be changed every 2 to 2.5 hours depending on how much your baby pees. You can add a hemp booster or an organic  cotton booster to make it last longer. The outer shell (cover) can be wiped, air dried and reused. We recommend keeping 2 covers for a day and using it in rotation.

Ideal for :

Cover diapers are excellent for day time usage.

The reasons why we believe covers make the day time diapers are –

  1. Cover diapers are very versatile. They can be put any other diaper too such as nappy pads or homemade flats (This can be made by cutting large square pieces of old cotton T-shirts or sarees. Just padfold them and use it with a fleece liner that gives dry feel to the baby ).
  2. Cover diapers are more economical. Cover diapers can be reused by replacing soaker and reusing the outer. Thus, the cover diapers are super economical!

A few covers and a set of soakers, and you are good to go!

  1. Easy to clean and dry : Cover diapers can be cleaned up easily by removing the soaker and washing it separately. It also takes much lesser time to dry.

How is Superbottoms cover diaper Structured?

Fabric :

The Soakers (also called as inserts/pad) are made of certified organic cotton. The soaker has a unique stay-dry fabric that stays dry even after baby urinates on it. The outer shell is made of PUL (Polyester) which allows air to pass but not water and thus is very breathable and soft. It is water resistant. It has a velvety soft layer and gentle elastics.

Key Features :

The diaper has a Waterproof outer shell and comes with 1 Stay-dry soaker. The soakers are lined with a high-quality stay-dry fabric that keeps baby’s skin dry even if baby urinates on it.

You can read some more features of it here-

Once a soaker (pad) is full, you can simply replace it with a fresh pad! Extra Dry-Feel soakers are also available here

Use :

The diaper and soaker can be used after one wash itself. They both are completely washable and reusable for atleast 200 times. This is how you put the cover diaper on the baby –


Wash and care Instructions :

Cloth diapers don’t need any special treatment. Below is the wash routine that we recommend on regular basis:

*Hand wash routine:

  1. If diaper has been pooped in, knock poop off, rinse diaper and keep
  2. If diaper has been peed in, it can be stored as it is (without rinsing) till wash .
  3. ‎store In a lightly covered bucket or wetbag.

To wash:

  1. Rinse diapers with plain water
  2. ‎soak for not more than 30 minutes in warm/regular water adding detergent In a bucket.
  3. ‎wash using regular detergent such as surf or tide
  4. Do not use any detergent with fabric softeners or conditioners. Do not use dettol. Do not use Brush.
  5. Agitate properly
  6. Rinse thoroughly till soap suds are gone
  7. ‎line dry

**Machine wash routine:

  1. If diaper has been pooped in, knock poop off, rinse diaper and keep
  2. If diaper has been peed in, it can be stored as it is till wash
  3. ‎store in a lightly covered bucket or wet bag.

To wash:

  1. No soaking needed
  2. ‎You can put all diapers in machine directly.
  3. ‎No need to rinse only pee diapers
  4. ‎If you are washing with other garments, it is good to rinse the pee diapers or run a prewash cycle in machine. This cycle cleans off the pee before the actual wash cycle.
  5. ‎Wash on regular cycle NOT gentle cycle
  6. ‎Run an extra rinse
  7. ‎Use regular detergent in regular amounts such as surf or tide
  8. ‎Spin dry or line dry

If you have hard water, do use water softeners.

We recommend washing the diapers at least once every 2 days

For more Do’s and Dont’s you can read this up-

Additional tip : Do not use talcum powder or rash cream with cloth diapers. You may use coconut oil to keep the baby’s skin moisturised *

Still not sure if this diaper is for you?

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Why Superbottoms?

  1. India’s first and only Tested and Certified Cloth Diaper brand (as per US standards)
  2. Voted as India’s #1 Cloth Diaper Brand (KSP Awards 2018)
  3. Always high quality fabrics keeping baby’s comfort and skin in mind
  4. Super cute prints designed by in-house mom designers
  5. Brilliant All-Moms Support Team available on call / whatsapp always

**Please Read instructions leaflet and call us on our helpline at the number mentioned in the flyer.**

Each Superbottoms diaper speaks of excellent quality workmanship and fabrics to give only the best for your baby.


–       If you are new to cloth diapering, it may take some learning to get it right. Please feel free to reach out to us for any help. We will be happy and prompt to reply! Our helpline – / +91 98193 13426


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