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Superbottoms Plus UNO is the real All-In-One diaper

One Size, Adjustable diaper- One diaper 4 Sizes from 5 kg- 17 kgs. For  babies and toddlers


  1. Superbottoms Plus UNO cloth diaper comes with an outer waterproof shell SUPERDRYFEEL lining and a back opening (pocket).
  2. One Main Soaker (Insert)- It also comes with 1 long GOTS certified organic cotton soaker (8 layers) with SUPERDRYFEEL
  3. One booster (additional smaller insert)- GOTS Certified organic cotton (8 layers)
  4. Instruction Manual


Main waterproof shell with snaps. Both the soakers (inserts) have snaps to perfectly snap on the diaper shell. Together these 2 soakers can last all night (10+) hours for most babies.

The diaper also has a back pocket for additional soakers if required.

Without soakers the diaper can be used as a swim diaper

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How to wash Superbottoms Cloth Diapers ?


  • Washing cloth diapers is simple and easy. Cloth diapers can be washed like regular garments in machine or by hand.
  • Use regular detergents such as Surf / Tide and not liquid detergents containing conditioners / fabric softeners or fragrances. These additives can cling to the fabric affecting absorbency and also irritating baby’s delicate skin.
  • Also no detergent bar and use of brush allowed.
  • The diapers can also be dried in machine or sun dried.

Read this post on common mistakes to avoid while washing diapers

Why Superbottoms?

  1. India’s 1st and only Tested and Certified Cloth Diaper brand (as per US standards)
  2. Super trim crotch diapers
  3. Always high quality fabrics keeping baby’s comfort and skin in mind
  4. Super cute prints designed by in-house mom designers
  5. Brilliant All-Moms Support Team available on call / whatsapp always
  6. Voted No1. Cloth Diaper Brand- KSP awards
  7. India’s ONLY One wash prep diaper!


The diaper is one wash prep and takes 1 wash to reach optimum absorbency.

**Please Read instructions leaflet and call us on our helpline (+91 98193 13426)  at the number mentioned in the flyer.** 

2 reviews for Superbottoms Plus UNO “Easy Tabs” – Purple Love

  1. Usha_S

    Highly recommend Superbottoms for the following reasons:
    1. Pocket friendly-Definitely saves us lot of our hard earned money
    2. We certainly know how delicate are our private parts are & think about how ultra delicate will be of our kids. Giving completely plastic free, chemical free & entirely organic protection to them.
    3. Taking care of our kids & simultaneously doing our bit towards our mother nature. Each time I wash cloth diapers I feel proud of myself & my DD, for making her aware of the nature in such tender age.
    4. And if your kid is a heavy wetter & ‘poopstar’ like mine. This is the best we can go for. Just changed the diaper, made the bed, started putting the baby to sleep & then there’s a blow out!! Chillax! its just a cloth, no worry about wasting money as its just the matter of washing & using again. Change again, good to sleep. Tadaaa!!
    5. Unlike traditional langots (though I have used plenty langots too) one soaker can be used minimum for 2hrs.
    6. No rashes at all-Being a heavy wetter & frequent pooper my DD is more prone to rashes but with Superbottoms haven’t come across any rash scenes at all.
    7. Drying baby clothes is indeed a big deal. Well, with Superbottoms its a matter of half sunny day. In rainy & winters, good machine spin, dry under the fan or even I dry in the portico where there’s no rain hardly takes 24hrs.
    8. How can I forget the pretty prints. Comes in variety colors & prints. Looking costumes for baby photoshoot? No need to spend on just ‘one use’ costumes. The pretty prints are definitely photoshoot worthy.
    9. Now that Superbottoms have come up with leg warmers, serving the solution for cold & mosquito bites. So far I have used bigger sized full pants for the same.
    #superreview #feedbackfriday

  2. reach4dstarzz

    I had recently grown out of the newborn phase along with my son and decided to try advanced cloth diapers. Not having the thought to go for disposables and not having the patience to wash the huge laundry of traditional langots, i was looking for a option that gives me the convienence of both. To be honest i must say that i can see my wish satisfied to a greater extent with superbottoms.

    1. My son is a heavy wetter and even disposables seemed to leak a bit for him but voila not a single drop of pee out of this uno overnight.
    Tip: Adding the booster that comes along with the pack does the job.

    2. This one seemed to be a very trim one against the bulky ones available in the market which obviously i loved.

    I have tried 2 to 3 indian brands of CD’s before and happy and settled with SB uno due to its pros compared to other ones. Obviously am lil worried on the money part as it takes a good initial investment but as ppl say in long run it might be economical and useful. Am waiting for the same as I need to check the absorbency after long time usage.

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