Starter Pack: Free size diapers (3 months – 3 years)

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1 x Superbottoms Plus 1

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1 x Superbottoms Cover Designs

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1 x Superbags 1

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1 x Superbottoms dry-feel soakers (Pack of 3)

This is a pack of 3 dry-feel soakers. It is compatible with our Superbottoms Cover Diapers. Do note that the micosuede is what comes in contact with baby’s skin and keeps it dry. These pads are contoured and shaped for a good comfortable fit and has snaps to hold in place. Each soaker lasts upto 3 hours for average wetting babies. Compatible with Superbottoms Cover Diapers.  

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1 x Superbottoms Organic Bamboo Cotton Booster

Superbottoms Plus Organic Bamboo Cotton Booster is compatible with Superbottoms Plus diaper. It can be used inside the back pocket of the Plus diaper for additional absorbency. Please wash booster atleast 2-3 times before use.    

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This pack contains –

  1. ONE Superbottoms Plus All-in-One diaper
  2. ONE Cover diaper with 1 dry-feel soaker
  3. THREE Dry-feel soakers pack (so total of 4 dry-feel soakers)
  4. ONE Organic Cotton Booster for Superbottoms Plus
  5. ONE Superbag – Our truly waterproof wetbag




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