Reusable Stay-Dry Fleece Nappy Liners (Set of 5)

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These are stay-dry liners made of fleece.

The dimensions are 34×16 cm.

These liners can be used if –

  1. You want to make poop cleaning easier
  2. You want to use rash-cream or powder

4 reviews for Reusable Stay-Dry Fleece Nappy Liners (Set of 5)

  1. Jumaila Shiju

    We would wonder what actually this thin piece of fabric can do.It has made my task of cleaning poop easier,gives dry feel effect to my baby when using prefolds,can use rash creams.It can be machine washed and handwashed.Dries faster.Using it for my 23 days old ebf baby ,it prevent the soakers from getting stained.Overall an excellent product.


    We just love, love, love these!! I love gifting Superbottoms diapers to new parents but not without the fleece liners.
    Even the most slimy poop (of breastfed babies) is so easy to clean. The best part is that these liners still remain white and stain free.
    We also used these with muslin nappies – during diaper free time. The dry-feel layer keeps baby dry – so if he is napping while wearing a nappy (instead of a diaper), his sleep doesn’t get interrupted.
    If you are gonna try cloth diapering, do yourself a favour and just buy these as well. 🙂

  3. C Bhagyashree

    Fleece liners one of the great saviour. Hats off for the creation of these reusable nappy liners. Had ordered them but i was in confusion that whether it will be beneficial, my all doubts got cleared wen i started using them. I can say they are gifts to mom as it had become difficult to wash the poop stain from soaker but once i started using fleece liner my prob got solved n it became easy to wash soakers as well as fleece liners easily. It has one more great beneficial as wen lotion n cream applied over the bum it creats a barrier between bum n the soaker n well soakers will be all safe from the direct contact with oil n cream. I must say cos of thr softness n quality one can use them for babies without having any side effects, it gives a dry feel too. I m not regretting to buy huge amount of fleece liners n well i can tell mommies who are still in confusion to buy them, then pls dont think much go for it, u will love for sure n the purpose will be served

  4. Vinitha Raj (verified owner)

    I was totally amazed with this product. Poop cleaning became way easier, but lot more than that I liked it when used with home made flats in which even baby pee during sleep, liner keeps the bum dry and hence his sleep is not disturbed. I really really loved it’s performance, easy cleaning, washing and drying as well. Simply superb.

    • SuperBottoms (verified owner)

      Thank you Vinitha, for sharing. We appreciate when parents share their positive experiences; it helps us reach out to newer parents with Superbottoms and cloth diapering. For any support or queries, we are always available on call/ WhatsApp at 9819313426

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Fleece liners are a thin sheet of fleece that helps in easy cleaning of poop. They are placed over the inside of the diaper just before putting the diaper on your baby. The diapers are easy to clean if the baby poops because most of the poop is caught on the liner and your job of cleaning the poop becomes much easier. Its ideal to use a fleece liner if you need to apply any lotion or rash cream on the baby.
  2. A If worn correctly, the diapers wouldn't leak, except if it is extremely runny poop. In that case, the diapers of any kind- cloth or disposable would leak anyway.
  3. A The fleece liner needs to be placed between the baby's skin, and the soaker used inside the diaper.