Organic Cotton Wipes Kit


Superbottoms superwipes kit is a baby-safe convenient alternative to wet wipes.
What does the kit contain?
  • ONE Solution sprayer bottle
  • ONE waterproof wipe bag
  • A set of EIGHT reusable Organic cotton wipes (Superwipes are with one layer Organic cotton and one layer terry fabric)
  • Solution recipe & Instructions card

How to use Superwipes?

1. Make a homemade wipe solution and fill in our little sprayer bottle(Recipe in the pack)
2. Wash the wipes before use!
They get softer with washes
3. Store the wipes and the sprayer bottle with solution in our waterproof wipes bag.
4. Keep the kit at a handy place near your changing table




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How to wash the wipes?

1. Wash wipes with regular detergent such as
Surf / Tide normally
2. Do Not use liquid detergents or detergents with softeners or enzymes in them. Do not use Dettol.
3. You can machine wash and machine dry them
4. Hot washing and sun drying occasionally is good to disinfect

Additional information

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A The material used in spray bottle is made of LDPE which is high grade recyclable plastic.