Superbottoms is known for quality products as we prefer using natural fabrics only. Though natural fabrics need extensive prepping (need to be washed 7-8 times) to reach full absorbency. All our soakers pads/ inserts are pre-prepped which means they can be used after one wash and will give you full absorbency!

Why Organic Cotton?

Gentle for baby | Ideal for sensitive skin | Made without any harmful chemicals/ pesticides | Uses Sustainable farming practices | Eco-friendly | Farmer friendly

Taking care of your Boosters!

Storage before laundry time–If the diaper was pooped in, you can knock off the poop using a health faucet or under a running tap. You may store it in a dry bucket or wet bag until laundry time.

  1. Pre-wash– If you are using a machine – run a quick wash or rinse + spin cycle with just one teaspoon of detergent to eliminate pee/poo build up. The duration of this cycle should be 20-30 minutes. If you are hand washing- Simply rinse the diaper under running water thoroughly and agitate it well till the pee is rinsed off. You may use a plunger too to do this.
  2. Main Wash – For machine wash- You can toss your other laundry load in this to save water and electricity.Machine wash: run any of the daily wash cycles like Cotton/Cotton Eco/Daily Wash/Fuzzy Wash/Mixed etc. For Hand washing: soak for 30-40 minutes in detergent and rub/ agitate it well so that the diapers get cleaned well. Ideal to use a plunger for easy agitation.
  3. Drying – Spin dry and then line dry in sun.


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