Supersoakers – Large hemp prefold

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This is a large square hemp soaker with fold stitches. It can be folded to provided very high absorbency.

Good for very heavy wetters and if you want something that dries faster.

It is also very good for newborn babies and can be used as a prefold.


Dimensions- 43*36cm

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Size before washing: 35×40 cm

7 reviews for Supersoakers – Large hemp prefold

  1. Dr. Winnie Bajaria

    This is a superb soaker. The fabric is great, has excellent absorbency, lasts all night for my heavy wetter. The interlocked edges make sure that the ends are not bulky when folded. The stitch lines make it easy to fold breathwise and stuff in pocket diapers or lengthwise to use with cover diapers.
    The insert did not disfigure much even after machine washes and tumble drying.
    It needs a little prepping, but the overall result is extremely satisfactory.

  2. Deepika

    Oh my. This is absolutely brilliant. After struggling with a variety of options, checking everything under the sky, wasting money on aios, I tried this hemp prefold and it lasted 10 hrs straight. Unbelievably good

  3. Lavanya Narasimhan

    Yesterday night I used cover diaper with hemp prefold insert & stay dry liner on top.. for my 9 months old baby ..
    Wow!!!! Amazing impressive!!!
    From 10 pm to 9 am… 11 hours without any leakage..
    What an insert ,it holds lot of pee!!!! ( I prepped the insert more than 10 times)

    Thanks Superbottoms

  4. Anis Fathima (verified owner)

    Super absorbent. Worth it.

  5. Jumaila Shiju (verified owner)

    Super absorbent when prepped. More compatible with covers. A worthy product. Cover+hemp prefold is sometimes my night time combo too.

  6. pujitharayaprolu90 (verified owner)

    To say that i am in awe of this one from sb is an understatement. I am a huge fan of hemp and and even more huge admirer of sb hemp booster. But this surprised me. One re usable fleece liner on top in a cover and the prefold. That’s it you are good to go for 12 hours for an average wetting baby. I also placed a thin homemade flat in between the folds for faster absorbancy. But should prep it. I used it at night after almost 12 washes, a couple of hot water washes including. It might look bulky for smaller babies though.

  7. Emine Kandapath (verified owner)

    Hemp is an amazing fabric. Using it since my lo is 2 months old. Hemp prefold in Jo fold in cover diaper was my night time diapering solution as booster plus soaker did not work for me. Added booster inside hemp prefold for additional absorbency and it stayed all night.
    Now I’m using hemp prefold padfolded inside superbottoms basic pocket diaper and it works very well like UNO !!!

    • SuperBottoms

      Hi Emine!
      That’s great to hear. We are so happy that the hemp prefolds are working well for your little one.

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  1. A Yes, you may use the hemp prefold in the AIO.