Superbottoms Plus UNO is the real All-In-One diaper

One Size, Adjustable diaper- One diaper 4 Sizes from 5 kg- 17 kgs ( 3 months- 3 years old babies). For  babies and toddlers

You can buy our Superbottoms Plus UNO with Super Soaker set or Magic soaker set or Smart soaker set.

Super soaker pads are easy to use, Magic soaker pads dry quickly and Smart soaker pads are waterproof!


  1. Superbottoms Plus UNO cloth diaper comes with one outer waterproof shell with  SUPERDRYFEEL lining and a back opening (pocket).
  2.  Super Soaker Set(One main soaker pad + One Booster pad) OR Magic Soaker Set (One main soaker pad+ One Booster pad) OR Smart soaker set ( One main waterproof soaker pad + One Booster pad)
  3. Instruction Manual


Main waterproof shell with snaps. Both the soaker/ inserts (pads) have snaps to perfectly snap on the diaper shell. Together these 2 soakers can last all night (10+) hours for most babies.

The diaper also has a back pocket for additional soaker pad if required.

Without soakers the diaper can be used as a swim diaper

Getting the RIGHT fit- SIZE IT FIRST!

Sizing the cloth diaper is the most common step that is missed by new parents.

So we know you’re a new parent, so let us be the first to tell you a parenting secret: We know that a newborn and a 6 month old aren’t the same size. So how does the same diaper manage fit a tiny bubie and then a growing baby? We make it happen, and we’re about to let you in on this secret!

No, it isn’t magic!… You simply use the snaps on the front, to resize the diaper as shown in the image. Snapping the diaper this way, makes the diaper small or large, hence if a diaper is not sized right, it would be loose for the baby and will cause leaks. If it is sized correctly, it will grow with your baby!



After the diaper has been sized as per baby’s size, put on the diaper on the baby as depicted above. Make sure the diaper fits snug on the baby and is not too tight or loose.

There should be one finger gap on the waist and no gaps between the skin and the elastics. Also make sure that the leg elastics lie on the leg joints and not on the thigh.


Additional information

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10- 17 kg, 5- 7 kg, 7- 10 kg

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