How to PREP and take care of your hemp?

Washing and prepping your Hemp Booster:

You can prep the hemp prefolds or doublers by boiling them before you begin to use them.

To boil:

Take a large vessel and fill it with water.

Put the soaker inside and let it boil for 40-45 minutes.

Throw away the water that is used for boiling.

Wash the soaker with regular detergent and rinse well.

For any more details or help on maintaining hemp booster inserts feel free to connect with us on call / Whatsapp at +91 9819313426. We are always happy to help!

3 reviews for HEMP Booster Insert

  1. Azeez Khan

    My bub is heavy wetter Uno lasts 7 hours only. So I bought hemp doubler. Prepped and used along with magic soakers. It lasts 10+ hours for my heavy wetter. Now I want to buy hemp prefold too😊
    By Azeez khan

    • SuperBottoms

      Hi Azeez,
      That’s great to know it worked for you. Please do let us know how it goes with the hemp prefold!
      Team Superbottoms

  2. Aqil Aqil

    I used Hemp doubler as a booster with Uno because of my heavy wetter. It perfectly done its job

    • SuperBottoms

      Hi Aqil,
      Thank you for sharing your valued feedback. We really love and appreciate it when parents share their positive experiences. For any support or queries, we are always available on call/ WhatsApp at 9819313426
      Team Superbottoms

  3. Ahamed Ershad

    Best night time diaper booster for heavy wetting babies

    • SuperBottoms

      Thank you Ahamed, We are happy this is the best choice for your baby.
      Team Superbottoms

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