Superbottoms Plus Uno Diaper with Super soakers:

Superbottoms Plus Uno Diaper with Magic soakers:

How to put Superbottoms Plus Uno diaper on your baby!

Getting the RIGHT fit- SIZE IT FIRST!

Sizing the cloth diaper is the most common step that is missed by new parents.

So we know you’re a new parent, so let us be the first to tell you a parenting secret: We know that a newborn  and a 6 month old aren’t the same size. So how does the same diaper manage fit a tiny bubie and then a growing baby? We make it happen, and we’re about to let you in on this secret!

No, it isn’t magic!… You simply use the snaps on the front, to resize the diaper as shown in the image. Snapping the diaper this way, makes the diaper small or large, hence if a diaper is not sized right, it would be loose for the baby and will cause leaks. If it is sized correctly, it will grow with your baby!



After the diaper has been sized as per baby’s size, put on the diaper on the baby as depicted above. Make sure the diaper fits snug on the baby and is not too tight or loose.

There should be one finger gap on the waist and no gaps between the skin and the elastics. Also make sure that the leg elastics lie on the leg joints and not on the thigh.


Storage before laundry time–If the diaper was pooped in, you can knock off the poop using a health faucet or under a running tap. You may store it in a dry bucket or wet bag until laundry time.

  1. Pre-wash– If you are using a machine – run a quick wash or rinse + spin cycle with just one teaspoon of detergent to eliminate pee/poo build up. The duration of this cycle should be 20-30 minutes. If you are hand washing- Simply rinse the diaper under running water thoroughly and agitate it well till the pee is rinsed off. You may use a plunger too to do this.
  2. Main Wash – For machine wash: You can toss your other laundry load in this to save water and electricity.Machine wash: run any of the daily wash cycles like Cotton/Cotton Eco/Daily Wash/Fuzzy Wash/Mixed etc. For Hand washing: soak for 30-40 minutes in detergent and rub/ agitate it well so that the diapers get cleaned well. Ideal to use a plunger for easy agitation.
  3. Drying –Machine wash: Spin dry and then line dry in sun. However, do not sun dry the diaper shells for more than 1-2 hours as it may damage the elastics.
    Hand wash: Squeeze them dry gently, and do not vigorously wring them. Then, sun dry for not more than 2 hours.


The diaper contains natural fabrics and hence takes 1 wash to reach optimum absorbency.
**Please Read instructions leaflet and call us on our helpline at the number mentioned in the flyer.**

This product falls under Non-refundable category. 

If you are new to cloth diapering, it may take some learning to get it right. Please feel free to reach out to us for any help. We will be happy and prompt to reply! We can help you with live demos too, we are just a WhatsApp/ message away! Don’t be shy, we are always eager to help! WhatsApp here or send Facebook message here.

Superbottoms diapers are a functional apparel. While they are diapers, at the end of the day, they are fabric wearables. Any fabric product does show minor variations in prints, colours, and sometimes cutting between various batches over a period of time.
We also make our products in batches and therefore there will be variations in colours, prints, snaps, stitch and minor variations in cut and fabric from batch to batch. Do note, these factors are difficult to control completely and would need extreme mechanisation which we feel is wasteful.
What we however do ensure always is that the functionality of the product remains the same. We test every batch for the same before it gets sold.
So kindly note that therefore we will not provide any replacements/exchanges/returns for variations in colours/snaps and fabric since this does not in any way affect the performance of the diaper.

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Super Soaker (Easy to use soaker pad), Magic Soaker (Prefold type – quick drying soaker pad), Smart Soaker (Dry-Base soaker – Change soaker, reuse outer)