Our organic cotton, hemp inserts, fleece liners, extenders and more..

Inserts (soakers/ boosters) are pads that go inside the diaper- These are responsible for a stellar performance in our diapers.

Soaker pads- Our soakers pads come in certified organic cotton with a unique dry feel layer so that the baby doesn’t feel wetness
Boosters pads- Our booster inserts are additional inserts without stay dry layer to increase the absorbency of a diaper. For heavy wetting and very heavy wetters one can consider additional organic cotton boosters or hemp booster inserts respectively.

Fleece liners are thin layer of stay dry cloth with can be put over the insert to make poop cleaning easy. (This is not a mandatory step though, but can make cleaning super easy)

Our diaper extenders convert baby diaper to toddler size diaper and make them last beyond 17 kg