Press Releases

NDTV Swachh India | May 04, 2018

Worried About The Impact Of Her Own Actions On The Environment, This ‘Supermom’ Decided To……

CNBC AWAAZ | Aug 12, 2019

Superbottoms feature on CNBC Awaaz- Our story in video

Times of India | April 6, 2018

Pallavi Uttagi’s relationship with diapers led to a successful entrepreneurial journey.

The Hindu | June 24, 2017

Mum knows best, and just look at it led to for this mum, and so many more!

NDTV | Sep 26, 2018

Meet the Supermom who made skin friendly and earth friendly diapering solutions for Indian babies

Financial Express | June 5,2019

Journey of green start-ups creating eco-friendly diapers and sanitary pads

The Deccan Herald | Oct 20, 2018

Biodegradable cloth diapers provide a safe alternative

The Indian Express | April 23,2019

Reducing the use of plastic products around your child

The Better India

Superbottoms Reusable Diapers

The Logical Indian | June 5, 2018

This Eco-Friendly Diaper Brand Has Been Providing Parents With A Sustainable Diapering Option In The Goodness Of Cloth

The Statesman| April 23, 2019

The India chapter is being hosted by Superbottoms and it has already received registrations from more than 400 parents

Your Story |Feb, 2017

An Indian mompreneur is taking on the likes of Pampers and Huggies with Superbottoms, her range of reusable cloth diapers

Femina | June 5, 2019

Earth friendly alternatives for everyday

WhatsApp Story

Superbottoms – The story with WhatsApp

ET | Jun 14, 2019

A mother’s love inspires a whole new eco-friendly category of diapers

Entreprenuer India | August 16, 2019

Worried About The Impact Of Her Own Actions On The Environment, This ‘Supermom’ Decided To……

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