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Machine wash


Knock off poop in the pot under a force of water.


Put the dirty diaper in the machine with a little detergent and run a short cycle (20-30 mins) to rinse off pee. Do add water softener if you have hard water. Do not use conditioners, fabric softeners or detergent with fragrances.


If you want to, you can now add your other clothes to the machine and run your longer regular wash cycle (45-60 mins). Add detergent as recommended by the detergent brand depending upon the total load.


Dry in machine.

Hand wash


Knock off poop in the pot under a force of water.


Rinse off pee, using a little detergent.


Soak diaper for 30 minutes in detergent water with detergent amount as recommended by detergent brand.


Wash well by rubbing properly. Do’s Add water softener if you have hard water. Don’ts Do not use brush, Dettol, conditioners, fabric softeners or detergent with fragrances. Do not wring hard.


Rinse thoroughly till no detergent remains.


Line dry under the sun.


How many hours can I store the used SuperBottoms UNO before I put them for wash?

If it has been pooped in, we recommend you to rinse off the poop as soon as possible and store the diaper for a maximum of 48 hours before you put it for wash. If it has only been peed in, you can simply store it for upto 48 hours.

How to store the diapers until wash?

You can store SuperBottoms UNO in a SuperBottoms Waterproof Cloth Bag (link) or a lightly covered bucket until wash

Which detergent do you recommend to wash SuperBottoms UNO?

We highly recommend using Surf Excel/  detergent powder or any detergent which does not contain extra fragrance/ conditioners on our diapers as the fragrance/ conditioner additives cling to the fabric of the organic cotton pads soakers and reduce the absorbency causing the diapers to leak. Please avoid liquid detergents, baby detergents and soap bars too.

I use Dettol to disinfect all baby clothes. Why can’t I use Dettol on SuperBottoms UNO as well?

Dettol is not recommended to be used on SuperBottoms UNO. The additives in Dettol can cling to the fabric and cause irritation or reduce the absorbency of the diapers. Infact most Paediatricians don’t recommend using dettol even for regular baby clothes these days for immunity building reasons.

Regular Sun drying is the best anti-bacterial solution for baby clothes! 

Is SuperBottoms UNO hygienic enough to reuse since it absorbs pee and poop?

SuperBottoms UNO is nothing but 100% cloth and is like any other garment which you use on the baby. When stored and washed properly, SuperBottoms UNO is extremely hygienic to use. Even Paediatricians vouch for it!

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