What an expecting mom should put in her hospital bag?

During pregnancy, the waiting for your special little ones’ arrival, can make you terribly moody and restless, and this is a time when one can do the craziest things. Making lists of items I needed in hospital was something I repeatedly did, during my own pregnancy,but then eventually, when in hospital, there were more than a few run downs to the chemists and shops to buy those few things that slipped my mind. Ideally, having a packed bag ready by week 34 of your pregnancy is great. This not only ensures you’re ready for everything earlier, but also makes sure that in those last few weeks, when you are impatient, irritable, or just plain exhausted, that’s one less thing you need to worry about doing. Keep the packed bag close to the entrance of your home, in your car, or if you still have a few more last-minute items to throw in, keep it in your bedroom.


What should you pack for your baby?

  •  4-5 soft onesies and vests with buttons
  • 1 or 2 organic sheets/ blankets for baby
  • 3 or 4 Superbottoms Newborn size diaper
  • 12 or more Super Nappy (langots), in New-born size. Remember that new-borns may need to be changed up to 12 times a day, so stock up on a good stash!s
  • 2-3 Waterproof baby sheet
  • Organic cotton Super Wipes. Since a baby’s skin is so delicate, more so when it’s a newborn  baby, being exposed to the air for the first time ever, wet wipes aren’t the best choice, given that they contain Phenoxyethanol and Sodium Benzoate among other chemicals. These can irritate the skin. If you do choose to use wipes, use SuperWipes, made of Organic Cotton, and free of alcohol and fragrances. These Wipes can double up as face freshners, or even to wipe up any spit up, which happens pretty often in the first few days after birth.
  • DIY natural wipes solution – To make wipes a moist cleanser you can make your own natural fresh DIY solution. Recipe for solution: a spray bottle+ 2 cups boiled water or distilled water +1 teaspoon coconut oil + 1 Tablespoon aloe vera (Optional) + 1 Tablespoon soap I used shaved bar soap or you can use Castile soap + essential oils of your choice (optional).
  • Some booties to keep those tiny toes warm!
  • Baby caps/ bonnets
  • A baby sweater, or woollens depending on the time of the year and where you live.

Here’s a list of all the things you may need:


  • Your birth plan and notes with important information, including details about medications, what to do in emergency situations and emergency contact numbers.
  • Make sure you have your mobile phone, charger and camera with its charger. You will want to have all these precious memories for a lifetime.
  • A few outfits of your own if it is allowed. After a hospital stay, there’s no feeling like the one when you get to wear your own comfy clothes, and get back home. Make sure they are loose, and very comfortable.
  • SuperWipes make a great option for face wipes too! They are great for a quick ‘freshen-me-up’.
  • The contact details of any professionals you may need in a hurry after the birth; for example, a lactation consultant or a good paediatrician.
  • Three or four pairs of nursing bras- Try these before hand and make sure these are comfortable
  • Superbottoms Nursing Pads- Reusable cotton pads with waterproofing, to avoid awkward embarrassment or staining your clothes.
  • Highly absorbent sanitary pad for extra heavy flow- Your most comfortable choice of sanitary pads which can take care of heavy flow
  • High waisted panties – in case you have a c-section, being high waisted these will not irritate your c section stitches.
  • If you plan on breastfeeding, tops that open in front would be convenient.
  • Travel size packs of toiletries in a handy pouch would be convenient. When you are weak, uncomfortable, a warm shower using your favourite products will definitely make you feel better. Make sure to pack all the favourite products of shampoo, soap/ body wash, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste and lotions or oils, hair brush/ comb that you use regularly. A relaxing oil would be a must have!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful and happy pregnancy and birth.

Superbottoms is thrilled to be with you on this special journey to motherhood!

This is the kit can you can go for :

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