What are Advanced cloth diapers?

Advanced cloth diapers are a fairly new phenomenon that came about in the 21st century primarily.

Till the advent of disposable diapers or Advanced cloth diapers, there was always a heavy reliance on ‘Langots’ with the Indian parents.

While parents migrated to disposables, they often come back to langots for atleast part of their baby’s cloth diapering.

Despite all the evolution, what stayed was our common Langot.

“So they're just diapers made of cloth... What's the fuss all about?”

Not really. They’re much more than that.

We’ll show you that advanced cloth diapers provide more features than a disposable

and without all the nasties!

Know your Superbottoms

Learn more about the structure and its features!

Simple mechanism of cloth diaper
What makes cloth diapers better than disposables

How our diaper works

1. Dry-feel layer:

Our magical dry feel layer is what makes cloth diapering such a breeze, leaving baby feeling fresh as a daisy all the time! This top layer is made of micro fleece which gives the baby comfort by drawing the wetness deep inside and away from baby’s skin.

2. Absorbent Pad/Soaker Insert:

At the heart of the diaper is nothing but the loving goodness of Certified Organic Cotton soaker pads which does all the absorbing. Multiple layers of organic cotton provides very high absorbency that lasts upto whole night!

3. Waterproof outer shell

The waterproof yet breathable shell made of  TPU/PUL keeps the outside of the diaper mess-free, and you stress-free…all the time.


Simple structure of Superbottoms diaper

  • When a baby pees, the dry-feel fabric quickly gives baby a dry-feel by passing the urine to the absorbent pad.
  • The pad, does the absorbing and spreads the urine across layers.
  • The Waterproof outer shell ensures that all the mess is contained within!
  • The gentle elastics of the waist fastening system ensure a trim and snug fit for the perfect Superbottoms OTB!

Why are advanced cloth diapers called so

  1. They are more than just an absorbent fabric fixed around baby.
  2. Owing to usage of highly absorbent fabrics they are trim in fit in comparison with traditional cloth diapers of similar absorbency.
  3. With outer made of very evolved waterproof fabric, the diaper looks great and works even better.
  4. A good fit advanced cloth diaper can very well mimic an underwear in terms of fit and perform for 8-10 hours as well!
  5. They are so pretty they are used as a functional apparel and not just as a diaper.

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