Why are there so many types of advanced cloth diapers?

To put it simply, it is because each baby is different and each parent also has his or her own preferences.

While the structure of any advanced cloth diaper remains the same, there are finer details within the same which make the different types.

Types Of Superbottoms- Video

Superbottoms come in 2 sizes – One size and Newborn.

In new born- we have newborn Uno diapers.
Newborn diapers are used on newborn babies (2.5 kg onwards) and can go upto 5-6 months

In one size diaper we have 2 types- AIO and Cover diaper One-size is ideally used after 3 months and go upto potty training Toddler size diapers are diapers that are used on babies beyond 3 years, especially for night-time accidents or even for special children. One can also use the One-size diaper with extenders for older babies if required.

Wondering how can the same free size diaper fits a 3 month old and a 3 year old or how does the newborn fit a tiny newborn and a 6 month old baby?

All our diapers are adjustable and come with different size setting. Remember to size the diaper before putting it on the baby!

Hence you need just 15-16 diapers in the lifetime for your baby!

Super soft UNO DIAPERS- Newborn size (Fits Newborn- 5-6 months):

They come with a waterproof stay dry shell and a dry feel soaker pad.

How to use:

  • Place the soaker / pad on diaper shell. Snap it onto the shell if possible for best performance.
  • Fold the excess soaker if it is longer than shell– especially if shell is sized
  • Put onto the baby.
  • Once soaker is full, you can remove soaker, put a fresh soaker, and reuse the outer – PROVIDED the outer is not soaked or soiled.
  • If outer is soaked / soiled, it needs to be washed before reuse

Key Points:

– The pad placed inside the shell MUST cover the entire breadth of the diaper shell
– Soaker pad must lie in between the elastics and not touch the elastic
– Add additional booster pad to make the diaper last longer, especially while going out or for night time
– You can also use these diapers with disposable nappy pads while traveling

Superbottoms Freesize UNO (Fits 3 months- 3 years)

  • All in one or All in Two is a diaper which typically comes with atleast one soaker attached.
  • All in one and all in twos are terms which are often used loosely and one need not get too caught up in the terminologies of the same.
  • This helps in making the diaper ‘self-sufficient’ and hence is known as an ‘All-in-One’ diaper since it has cover as well as soakers in itself. All-in-two diaper is variant of all-in-one diaper where atleast one soaker is separate.
  • Typically (not necessarily though), All-In-Ones are used for night time diapering and hence come with highly absorbent natural fabric soakers.

How to use:

  • Just pick the diaper and put onto the baby! It is as simple as that.
  • If you want it to last longer, do check if the diaper can go on for as many hours as is needed.
  • Depending on your requirement you may need to add a booster (additional soaker) to the diaper.

Key Points:

– All in one diapers typically are used for longer duration diapering
– All in one diapers usually therefore come with high absorbency soakers such as Organic Cotton / Hemp (more on fabrics in subsequent sessions).

COMPARING Superbottoms diapering products & diaper free time essentials!

Newborn Uno Diaper VS Free size Uno Diaper VS SuperNappy Vs SuperUnders

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