Wearing a cloth diaper needs the following steps

Prepping the diaper

  • A new diaper, like most new clothes, is not by default at its best absorbency. Hence one needs to wash the diaper thoroughly, with detergent to ensure that it is absorbent. This process is called Prepping.
  • Fabrics such as microfiber get prepped in 1 single proper wash with detergent.
  • Natural fabrics such as Hemp, Cotton typically need 8-10 washes to prep. You can begin using them from 2-3 washes, but the full absorbency is reached in 8-10 washes.
  • Superbottoms uses 1-wash-prep Organic Cotton fabric in its diapers which needs just 1 wash to become fully ready to use.

Placing Soaker / sizing Diaper

Size the diaper as per your baby’s size

  • When you size the diaper, it should be such that there is no gap between the thigh and elastic, nor should it be so tight that there are deep marks. Light marks are okay and normal.
  • Here’s a size chart that may help, do not the sizing may vary from brand to brand. Also, the weight indication may also vary because some babies at the same weight might be chubby while others lean.
  • It is best to determine the size by trying out a few.
  • Do note: Sometimes, as baby grows, and loses its chubbiness, you may actually have to put the diaper on a smaller size than before.

Place Soaker

  • Always choose a soaker that fits perfectly in the diaper in the width.
  • The soaker must not be narrower or wider than the crotch. It should be exactly the same width as the crotch – lying between elastics.
  • The soaker, if long, MUST be folded to fit properly in the diaper.
  • After folding the soaker must cover the entire length of the diaper from front to back. It is sometimes recommended to keep the fold in front for boys and at the back for girls. You can keep the fold either in front or at the back depending on your and your baby’s comfort.
  • If you are using a booster, always place booster below the main soaker

Attaching soaker: Attaching soaker onto the cover is not mandatory, if the diaper is fit snug, the soaker will not move anyway.

Stuffing soaker in pocket: Always ensure that the soaker when stuffed inside pocket lies flat on the pocket’s surface and does not have any folds on it.

Liner : If you are using a liner, either disposable or reusable, place it on top of the diaper now such that it is the first layer of the diaper, and it touches your baby’s skin

Wearing the diaper on the baby

  • Once the diaper is wear ready, you can place the diaper below the baby’s bum by lifting the legs Pull the front of the diaper between legs and cover the genital area.
  • Tuck elastics in the leg joint of the baby.
  • Push the size fold in upward direction using your fingers
  • Snap / Velcro close the tabs one by one on both sides ideally symmetrically.
  • Ensure that there is a 2 finger gap in front of the tummy and the diaper is not too tight on the waist – else it will be uncomfortable for the baby.

Size the diaper using front snap


Fold Extra Soaker


Ensure folds point upwards nor downwards


No gap around thigh between elastic & leg


Finger gap in front of stomach


Overall even fit from behind


Elastic must lie in leg joint & not on thigh

  • Some parents prefer keeping diaper wear ready before hand so they can simply pick and wear the diaper onto the baby.
  • As babies grow you may find it difficult to make them lie down to put on the diaper, giving a favourite toy, kept only for diaper changes

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