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How to wash cloth diapers

Washing cloth diapers might seem challenging at first but is the same as washing regular clothes. Watch the video above for 4 easy steps to wash your Superbottoms cloth diapers.

Every individual is different and may follow various steps to wash cloth diapers.

Here is a simple guide to wash them:

Storage – The first step to washing cloth diapers is how does one store them before wash? Do we soak them till washing? Do we wash every day? – Well, the answers are very simple. If the diaper is pooped on, you can knock off the poop using a health faucet or under a running tap. You may store it in a dry bucket (Pail) or in a wet bag before you wash them. Washing them every day or at least every alternate day is ideal. Do not keep them soaked in water until the time of washing.

1)      Pre-wash – A pre-wash is nothing but rinsing a diaper off all the pee to make it ready for the main wash. If you are washing them in the machine, you may run a quick 30 or rinse+Spin cycle with one teaspoon of detergent. The duration of this cycle should be 20-30 minutes.

If you are Handwashing – Simply rinse the diaper under running water thoroughly and agitate it well till the pee is rinsed off. You may use a plunger too to do this.

2)      Main Wash – The main wash is the cycle where the diapers are actually getting cleaned. You can toss your other laundry load in this so as to save water and electricity. If you are washing them in the machine, you can run any of the daily wash cycles like Cotton/Cotton Eco/Daily Wash/Fuzzy Wash/Mixed etc. The entire duration of this cycle should be 45-60 minutes at least.

If you are hand washing them, you can soak it for 30-40 minutes in detergent water and rub and agitate it well so that the diapers get cleaned well. You can also use a plunger for easy agitation.

3)      Drying – You can spin dry the diapers or tumble dry at the lowest heat and then line dry them. You can also sun dry them. However, do not sun dry the outer covers for more than 1-2 hours as it may damage the elastics.




Simple guide here:



Additional Tips –

1)      DO NOT use a brush as it can damage the fabric.

2)     DO NOT  use a fabric softener/Dettol/Ezee/genteel/Patanjali/Rin or any detergents with fragrances and softeners.

3)      DO NOT use liquid detergents because that can affect the absorbency of the diapers.

4)      Give them hot water rinses once or twice a month. It helps in preventing any built up issues. To do so – Rinse washed soakers in hot water (60 degrees) till there are no soap suds seen in the water.

Ideal to do this in a washing machine since it gives the necessary agitation.

If handwashing, then take the hot water such that the temperature is bearable for you. After regular wash, soak the diapers in hot water for not more than 5 mins, agitate them and rinse thoroughly. Repeat a couple of times. Spin dry if possible. Using a plunger for handwash is recommended.

5)      Use 5ml of water softener for prewash and 10ml in the main wash in addition to the detergent if you have hard water. Hard water affects the absorbency of the diapers due to the mineral content in them.

6)      You may bleach the diapers once a year if it gives stink/Absorbency issues. You can check the steps here- (Link to bleach)

7)      Use fleece liner to make cleaning easier!

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