How is Super Nappy different from regular langot/nappy?

Our SuperNappy is the a hybrid Langot.  With organic cotton , 4 layer padding , dry feel layer and gentle elastics- its the perfect diaper free time option!

There are many reasons why people choose langots. For one, people may choose this if baby is very small, or premature. Some choose langots because they prefer the same age – old traditions that their parents and grandparents followed. Another reason is to give baby’s skin some diaper free time, to allow the skin to breathe freely.

So what makes the SuperNappy different? 

  • Premium material (Organic cotton) : While most langots or nappies available in the market are made of hosiery cotton, or other fabrics, which may not be best for a newborn baby, Superbottoms Supernappy is made from the very finest certified organic cotton. This certified organic cotton is the best thing for newborns, as it is the softest, gentlest and safest fabric, being hypoallergenic. When you’re a new mum, and you want nothing but the best fabric for baby’s sensitive skin, certified organic cotton would be the obvious choice.
  • Better absorbency (4 layer padding): Traditional langots usually came with no padding at all, and this almost defeats the purpose of a nappy, which would actually be meant to absorb. However, some nappies come with padding which is made of sponge, which is in turn made from things like wood pulp and sodium sulphate. These are not the best things for your baby to be around. If you think these sound familiar, you’re right. Wood pulp is a key ingredient in disposables too! In Superbottom’s Supernappy, however, we have nothing but four pure layers of certified organic cotton. You can be take my word for it when I say, this is the safest fabric to touch your baby’s skin.
  • Mess Free (Gentle Elastics): Ever heard of a nappy with elastics? Nope? Me neither! This seems to be a first, as Superbottoms has soft and gentle elastics around the thighs and back of their SuperNappy. Traditional langots leak very easily, as they hang awkwardly, and can be loose and uncomfortable on the baby. SuperNappy sits snug at the waist and the leg joints, preventing any kind of mess from leaking out.
  • Safe and chemical free (Azo free dyes): Before I heard of AZO-free dye fabrics, I had no idea what Azo is. Well, Azo pigments are nothing but pigments used on fabric, and some Azo dyes have been found to be carcinogens. Superbottoms has clearly done everything they can do to keep your precious baby as safe as is humanly possible, when they eliminated any dyes that contain this harmful Azo pigment from the SuperNappy.
  • Cute colours and prints: Keeping away from Azo free pigments hasn’t stopped Superbottoms from making the sweetest colours and prints. Yes, they have them in some wonderfully soft pastel colours, in solids, and printed ones as well.  The colours happen to be all gender neutral, and look fabulous.
  • Sizes: Most langots used to come in a newborn size, and used to be pretty much the same, but Superbottoms has made them in 3 sizes, so no matter what your baby’s age, the SuperNappy can be worn comfortable and snug, for some lovely tender loving care on baby’s soft skin, keeping baby’s bottom as soft and cool as a gentle summer breeze!


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