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At Superbottoms, we put in a lot of love in doing what we do and making products which are not just beautiful but also functionally brilliant! As parents ourselves, we know that we can never overemphasize the ‘safety’ aspect of the products we use on our babies.

With this view in mind, we got our products tested by universally recognised standards that are also considered mandatory in the US.
We are delighted to announce to that our products cleared the tests with flying colours as they say and have been found to be safe in accordance with #CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), USA. We are the 1st and only Indian brand to have their actual brand products tested. This assures you that your favourite #Superbottoms are not just functionally amazing but also completely safe for your little one.

Baby cloth diaper
Dry-feel & Super Absorbent
Keeps baby bum dry and absorbs 3-4 hours
Saves 74% or more
100% Washable & reusable 300+ times
Cloth diapers savings
Eco-friendly cloth diapers
Loves the Mother Earth
Saves huge disposable diaper waste
Free shipping* across India
Doorstep delivery with no shipping charges
cloth diapers free shipping
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Superbottoms Cloth Diaper Guide

[one_fourth]Parts of a cloth diaper[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Superbottoms Advanced Cloth Diapers are the new age cloth diapering system that provides all the benefits of a disposable diaper in cloth.

All Superbottoms cloth diapers consist of 3 key parts:

  1. WATERPROOF OUTER: The outer waterproof shell gives complete leak proofing for multiple hours.
  2. SOAKER: It is the cloth pad that goes inside the waterproof outer and soaks the urine.
  3. DRY FEEL LAYER: The top fabric which stays uniquely dry even when baby pees on it, thus keeping baby’s bum dry.

Superbottoms diapers are 100% washable and reusable and can absorb upto 8 hours, without leakages.[/three_fourth_last]   [one_fourth] Cloth diapers in India


Why Superbottoms Cloth Diapers?

Superbottoms Advanced Cloth Diapers are made from the finest quality fabrics and workmanship to ensure great quality products for your baby.

  1. DOUBLE LEAK GUARDS: Superbottoms pocket diapers come with double leak-guards to hold runny poops in
  2. SOAKER: Superbottoms soakers are long wide and come with snaps to size them.
  3. FIT: Superbottoms with square tabs and L-aligned snaps provide a super comfortable fit for babies
  4. CUTEST DESIGNS: Superbottoms designs are made all in-house and are truly desi 🙂

For more information, we are always reachable on whatsapp at +91 9819313426 [/three_fourth_last]

1. Cloth, not plastic

Superbottoms diapers are made of cloth and are free from toxic chemicals that are present in disposable diapers.

2. Wash. Use. Love. Repeat

Superbottoms are 100% machine/ hand washable and reusable. This makes them super economical (Save 74% or more) and earth-friendly too.

3. Leak proof and dry feel

Superbottoms are completely waterproof with leak proof protection for hours. The unique stay-dry fabric provides dry-feel to baby’s bum and skin.


All Superbottoms Diapers consist of 3 key parts:

  1. WATERPROOF OUTER: The outer waterproof shell keeps the diaper leak proof for multiple hours
  2. SOAKER: It is the cloth pad that goes inside the waterproof outer shell and soaks the urine
  3. DRY FEEL LAYER: The top fabric which stays uniquely dry even when baby pees on it, thus keeping baby’s bum dry

The soaker is detachable in some types of diapers (refer to ‘Types of Diapers’) while in some, it is attached to the outer.[/three_fourth_last]



Pocket diaper has a dry-feel layer, which is attached inside to make a pocket. They are great in performance and versatile.

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Cover diapers have the dry-feel attached on the soaker instead of the diaper inside. You can replace the soaker and reuse outer. Thus, cover diapers are more economical and versatile.

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Superbottoms Plus Diapers are All in one type of diaper. These super absorbent diapers great for night time diapering for heavy wetting babies. It comes with one attached soaker, one detachable booster, and a pocket at the back.

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Soakers determine the absorbency of a diaper. Different materials and their thickness make different types of soakers.

There are 3 most popular types of soakers:

  1. Microfiber: These soakers last for 3-4 hours and are easy to clean and maintain
  2. Hemp: These super absorbent and trim diapers work great for heavy wetter’s. They need some maintenance and take a few washes to become completely absorbent.
  3. Organic Bamboo Cotton: These are super soft natural fabrics that lie between microfiber and hemp. They are great for heavy wetting babies.

Read More >

These diapers come in 2 sizes:

One-Size: These diapers are free size and fit all babies between 3-17 kg. They have snaps on them so each diaper can fit babies from birth till potty training. While these fit new born babies too, some parents also prefer to use the new born size till babies are about 3 months New born: These diapers are small in size and are great for new born babies till they are 4 months old (upto 6-8 kg) Read More >

Step 1: Adjust size of the cover and soaker using snaps Step 2: Place soaker inside the cover Step 3: Place diaper under the baby and pull the flap up Step 4: Close snaps symmetrically using waist snaps. Ensure there are no gaps around thighs Read more on washing diapers >

I am new to cloth diapering, which diaper should I go for?

If your baby is below 3 months of age, you can go for new born diapers (Read more here >) If your baby is anywhere below 3 years of age (15-17 kg) you can go for the one size diaper. To begin, you can read out simplified beginners guide here > You can go for our starter packs too, which will give you a good idea on the different types of cloth diapers.

Where can I buy Superbottoms?

You can buy Superbottoms diapers at our online shop here > Or you can order on WhatsApp as well by messaging us at 982030116.

What is the try-for-free policy?

We at Superbottoms, dream of bringing cloth diapering to the mainstream. This is not possible without more and more parents trying out cloth diapering for their baby. We realized that a big deterrent for the parent is that they are not sure if it will work for them, and they hesitate from trying this awesome option. Therefore, we have a 15-day, no questions asked, return policy. You can read more about it here >