Cloth diapering in a day care or play school

Cloth diapers in a day care or play school

Using Cloth Diapers in Day Care

Being a cloth diapering mother myself, I have always been particular to use cloth diapers during my vacations and even at Day Care. This is simply because I like to know what touches my precious little one. When you use disposables, you do not know what chemicals are there in them which always makes me a pro-cloth diaper user!

You must have seen our blogs on cloth diapering in a vacation (Link). This blog covers how to cloth diaper a baby when he/she is at daycare. Here are some tips to take you through –

1)      Choose the right daycare: When you are searching for daycare, you can select one that cloth diapers. Many day cares these days consider cloth for the love of the environment.

2)    Convince them for Cloth diapers, in case you don’t find any that allows cloth diapers – When BabyG started his daycare, I told the folks there, that he is allergic to disposable diapers. So either cloth diapers or regular under wears are the only options because the doctor has told us to not use disposables. Regular under wears are so inconvenient to them. The agreed to use cloth!

3)      Show them your stash: Explain to them how cloth diapers work and show how easy it is. It’s not rocket science really! Tell them the benefits of cloth over disposables.

4)      Consider one single type of diaper for them: Try giving just one type of diaper to them so that they do not get confused. Most daycares prefer pocket diaper or all in one diaper because they find it very convenient and easy to use.

5)      Explain to them how to use cloth diapers: Give them a poster of a neat fit or a nice printout of the instructions. Demonstrate to them how to put it on the baby. Let them put it a few times on the baby in front of you. Ask for a trial run for a few days and make sure that they are clear with the instructions.

6) Fleece comes to the rescue: Most day cares fret with cloth diapers only because they are worried about cleaning the poop. Give a disposable or a fleece liner and explain them its use and they would surely agree.

7) Wet bags are ideal: Give them 2 wet bags to store soiled diapers. If they are still not happy of the poop, you can ask them to put the pooped liners in a separate wet bag and clean them once come back home.

These are just a few tips that can help you convince the daycare in using Cloth diapers. Do comment as to what worked for you!

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