Common Mistakes in Washing Cloth Diapers

How to wash cloth diapers

Here are the 5 most common mistakes moms make while washing cloth diapers

Washing cloth diapers in less water or less detergent or more detergent:

Using the right amount of detergent is extremely vital. Using less detergent or less water will not make the cloth diapers clean enough for the next use. Using more detergent will lead to detergent built up leading to problems in absorbency. The durability of soakers also depends on your wash routine

Not washing the cloth diapers regularly:

Not washing the used cloth diapers for more than 2 days affects its performance in the long run. While washing everyday is highly recommended, washing once in every two days is also fine.

Washing the cloth diapers gently:

Washing cloth diapers in the washing machine makes them cleaner with less effort. They can be even spin dried. However, if you are washing them by hand, it is important to wash them with good agitation so that the pee is removed completely and the diapers are fresh enough for the next use. They don’t need a gentle wash. Do not use brush on them. You may use a tooth brush once in a while to scoop out the poop properly (do that gently though).

Using disinfectants like Dettol:

Dettol is not recommended on cloth diapers. The additives on dettol can cling to the fabric and cause irritation. In order to sanitise cloth diapers, sun drying them is the best option. Also read –  Stink in your cloth diapers?

Choosing the wrong detergents:

To wash diapers it is important to avoid the use of liquid detergents and soap bars. Liquids contain softeners and additives which are not recommended. While soaps leave residue which leads to detergent built up. You can use any main stream detergents which doesn’t have fragrances, softeners and additives. For that matter, surf excel regular detergent is recommended.

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11 thoughts on “Common Mistakes in Washing Cloth Diapers

    1. Hi there!
      If you are comparing it with the price of a disposable diaper, it would definitely feel expensive. But these diapers are washable and reusable for 200-300 times . they also fit the baby till the age of 3-4 years. they are also skin friendly and made of certified organic fabric. It is a complete worth for money.

      You can always reach out to our customer support helpline on 9819313426 for any assistance.

  1. Can ariel complete powder be used for washing the diapers? Also what is the ideal amount of detergent to wash one set of superbottom uno diaper?

    1. Hi Cheruba,
      Ideally, We don’t recommend Ariel Complete. We only recommend Surf Excel and Tide Original detergents to be used, as these are the ones that do not contain additives and scents.
      Please do not use any detergents with fragrance, enzymes, additives or softeners.
      It is hard to tell the exact amount of detergent needed because it depends on a lot of factors like – Level of water, number of diapers and clothes , detergent used, handwashed or machine washed.
      The level of water should be just enough to soak the clothes and diapers. The detergent used must be so much that it does not create too many soap suds nor too less. You can refer the recommendation by the manufacturer at the back of the pack.

  2. Hi my LO is 5 months old. I am using superbottoms UNO plus diaper for him. While removing the superbottoms after sometime, it stinks oddly. However LO’s urine doesn’t smell when on he is not wearing a diaper or if he is wearing a normal diaper. Could you please help if this is normal in superbottoms?

    1. While slight smell is okay after the diaper has been on the bum for more than three hours. Cloth diapers do tend to stink a bit because they don’t have chemicals like those of disposable diapers. But they should smell fresh after wash. If they don’t smell fresh, then it could be that the diapers are not getting cleaned enough.
      CHECK 1: Do your diapers smell clean just after the wash? They should smell like clean clothes do. If not, then increase the amount of detergent and change the wash cycle to get more cleaning action.

      CHECK 2: If diapers typically come out clean after wash but stink after they are peed in, it could be detergent buildup.
      Solution: Rinse the washed diapers in hot water for few days. If this doesn’t help , take a half a bucket of water and put exactly one drop of Pril dishwash Liquid and soak the washed diapers for 10-20 mins. Wash the diapers again.

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