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A-Z Myths on Cloth Diapering – Busted

Myths on Cloth Diapering is bursted!A-Z Myths on Cloth Diapering – Busted A mother is judged for every single choice that she makes for her baby. People will judge you, whether you breastfeed or formula feed the baby, whether the baby is chubby or lean, fair or dark, whether you use coconut oil or olive... continue reading

Why organic cotton Diaper for your baby?

Why Organic cotton diaper for your baby? Every parent wants to give the best to their precious little ones. Whenever we go shopping, for ourselves or even for our babies, we prefer Cotton because it is so breathable and soft. But did you know there is a fabric better than cotton? Yes, there is Organic... continue reading

Review – Why I chose Superbottoms Cloth Diapers for my baby

When I became a mother, the one thing that bothered me the most was spending sleepless nights changing the Cloth Nappies. I would set an alarm of every hour to get up and check if my new born has peed or pooped. He has been a super heavy wetter right from Day 7. I would… continue reading

Get your Babies the Leak Proof Cloth Diapers!

Leaking diapers are a biggest turn off to new parents. This is one of the reasons why they are frustrated with disposable diapers even though they provide them with convenience of use and throw. A lot of parents have high expectations from diapers. The disposable diapers are very expensive in the long run and hence… continue reading

Common Mistakes in Washing Cloth Diapers

How to wash cloth diapers Here are the 5 most common mistakes moms make while washing cloth diapers – Here below are 5 most common mistakes on How to wash cloth diapers explained Washing cloth diapers in less water or less detergent or more detergent: Using the right amount of detergent is extremely vital. Using… continue reading

3 Steps to Get the Right Fit Cloth Diapers

Getting the right fit cloth diapers for your baby is very crucial in itself because no mother would want the cloth diapers to leak! For that you need to ensure that you have put on the cloth diaper properly. You just have to follow these important 3 steps to have the right cloth diaper fit… continue reading

Introducing Superbottoms Plus Cloth Diapers – The superhero!

Yes, we are bringing in yet another type of cloth diapers – Superbottoms Plus. We understand your obvious question will be, now what is this and why should I choose this? Superbottoms plus falls in the category of what are popularly known as All-in-One (AIO) diapers. These diapers are known for their convenience (no stuffing… continue reading

10 Awesome Facts About Advanced Cloth Diapers

10 Awesome Facts About Advanced Cloth Diapers 1. Nope. Not an overclaim. Really. 2. You can increase absorbency too! 3. Keep those precious bummies dry! 4. So what will you do with the monies you will save? 5. Yes, washing cloth diapers is easy. You can wash them like regular garments! 6. Most disposable diapers go to… continue reading

Top 5 Cloth Diaper Myths Busted

Top 5 Cloth Diaper Myths - Bursted!!!! Cloth Diapering is a fairly vast concept. As new parents, we are bound to get lost in our set of confusions about cloth diapering. Here are few cloth diaper myths that we have busted. Myth#1 : “Its Gross” No. It isn’t! Cloth diapering is pretty easy. All you... continue reading

All you need to know about Bleaching Cloth Diapers!

Bleaching cloth diapers are generally considered to be a big no-no.  However Bleaching cloth diapers at the right time, for a right cause and in a right way will do no harm to your cloth diapers. This blog covers everything you need to know about Bleaching. What is Bleaching?   Bleaching is a process of... continue reading