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Getting the Perfect Fit with Cloth Diapers

How your cloth diapering experience will be depends a lot on getting the fit right. Wearing cloth diapers is quite simple, however, a few tips can ensure the perfect fit your baby and thus a brilliant performance by the cloth diapers. So here are a few tips on how to wear a cloth diaper on… continue reading

Comparison between disposable diapers and cloth diapers

Advanced or Modern Cloth Diapers are sophisticated diapering system made entirely of cloth. Cloth Diapers in India are fast growing trend with the conscientious new parents. As a new parent, when you make a choice of diaper, some of the key factors are – Baby’s comfort: This of course is a key factor to consider... continue reading

Winter is coming: 3 diapering tips to be ready if you are using cloth diapers

If you have a baby, you are definitely aware that anything can affect your baby’s pee pattern. A season, an illness, certain medications or sometimes, there could simply be no particular reason! Winter however is a time when you can expect some obvious changes in your baby’s pee pattern. Cloth diapering in India during winters… continue reading

Stink in your cloth diapers?

Do cloth diapers stink? It is one of the most common questions that we get from parents who are not sure about reusable diapers. Is it hygienic? Will it not stink? It is great that they are washable diapers, but will they come completely clean? Well, here’s the answer – Cloth nappies do not stink... continue reading

5 key factors to consider while choosing a cloth diaper for your baby

When you have a baby, you have to make many choices about every small thing. In this blog, we will try making one choice easier for you. Choosing the right reusable diaper (Advanced cloth diaper) for your baby. Some factors you want to figure out before you choose the cloth diaper How much of cloth diapering... continue reading

5 reasons why cover diapers make great newborn diapers

Image Courtesy: When a new baby is born, her / his body is introduced to the natural surrounding. Out from the protective environment of a mother’s womb, it takes time for baby’s skin to become adjusted to the regular environment. During this time, the skin is extremely delicate and needs a lot of care. When... continue reading