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cloth diapering buddy

Wish to get on with cloth diapering? Would you like to have a cloth diapering mom buddy to help and guide you through your cloth diapering journey? Sign up for our Cloth Diapering Buddy Program 🙂


1. What is this program about?

We, at Superbottoms, believe that #ClothDiapering needs to become a must-do solution rather than a good-to-do option. Everyday we see many parents who wish to learn more about cloth diapering and do not know how to. This program is for parents who wish to get onto cloth diapering their child completely 🙂

We connect you to a cloth diapering buddy who will guide you about cloth diapering till you and your child are fully comfortable with it.

2. I just have 1 or 2 urgent queries about cloth diapering  / Superbottoms. Do you think I should enroll?

If you just have some urgent queries or need help with for just one-off question, then this program is NOT for you. You can just connect with us on our Facebook page by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of this screen (or connect on whatsapp at +91 9819313426)

3. Is there a fee / cost to be a part of this program?

No there is no fee that we charge for the Superbottoms Buddy Program. This program is free of cost for you. Via this program, our intention is to help parents #ChooseCloth and get reliable / expert information and support from fellow parents when they seek to Cloth Diaper their baby. 

3. How does this program work once I have enrolled for it?

  • Once you sign up for the program, we connect you to one of our Superbottoms mom buddy via WhatsApp
  • We will also call you before to know more about you so we can connect you to a buddy that will be most suitable
  • You can connect with your buddy via WhatsApp
  • The mommy buddy is your buddy for 3 months. If you need support beyond that, you can re-enroll for the program

Firstly we are glad that you are interested in helping other parents choose the brilliant option of Cloth Diapering. To BE A BUDDY, we request you kindly message us on our Facebook page (click messenger icon at the bottom right of page). 

Want to sign up? Fill the form below.

Buddy Program