At SuperBottoms, we love to INNOVATE & SIMPLIFY. 

When it comes to cloth diapering, we are hell bent to simplify it so that #AnyBodycanClothDiaper  

We hear, learn, debate and act on what our customers say to create a product they desire.  

First, we questioned why cloth diapers had a 7 inch crotch!

The cloth diapers available in the international market were 7 inch wide at the crotch, which made them really bulky! Aarghh, are babies that huge? Nah! So we trimmed our diapers and made them 5 inch at the crotch for a better, more comfortable fit!

Next, we questioned if there was a need for different types of cloth diapers?

This was the first level of simplification we introduced when we did away with the different versions of pocket diaper or cover diaper – and introduced the all-in-one cloth diaper UNO.

SuperBottoms UNO was India’s first one-wash-prep cloth diaper. Not only that, it is also India’s 1st CPSIA Tested & Certified Cloth Diaper.

We are, in fact, the first brand in India that went ahead and got the diapers tested for harmful chemicals such as phthalates or lead.

We thought we made the PERFECT diaper but our customers asked what is this sizing thing?

How to adjust the rise settings for an ideal fit for the baby – The desire to permanently solve this most common query got us thinking…

How do you perfect perfection?

Enter SuperBottoms UNO 2.0 with SnapEasy® System (patent submitted) – our most innovative product so far!

SuperEasy to Use!

We did away with the entire block of rise snaps in the front – thereby eliminating the confusing resizing step.

2 rows of simple rise settings have been provided at the waist itself and it can be further tightened or loosened with the help of snaps.

Lighter & Trimmer than ever before!

Compared to all its previous versions, UNO 2.0 is lighter & trimmer than ever before!

It’s so trim that it looks like a newborn diaper. Again, thanks to the simplified rise settings.

While very thrilled with our innovation, its tininess had us palpitating with nervous excitement. We still couldn’t launch it as the most critical testing phase was yet to be cleared.

With the help of our loving customers who volunteered for trials & patiently supported us through their feedback-based iterations, we tested the UNO 2.0 (Codename – Dream UNO) with more than 200 babies across age / weight / build, right from newborn babies to toddlers…

The conclusion? You know it!

It is easier to use, lighter, trimmer and can be used for all babies – from 3 months to 3 years old – and from tall to chubby to lean to not-so-tall, UNO 2.0 is truly the ULTIMATE Cloth Diaper.


You said it!

Ajeeba Mukhtar, mom of a less than 1 year old baby.

1st Impression: “It felt a lot trimmer and lighter”

After vigorous use: “Performance wise I felt it was equal to uno. Since my baby is a light to moderate wetter I never faced any leakage issues with the regular uno. I felt the same with uno 2.0. Since I usually don't use pockets. I liked the pocket less uno 2.0 since it felt less bulkier in the back. The shell dries quicker than uno. I used regular, smart as well as magic soaker. Performance was the same. Uno 2.0 is definitely a lot easier to use. I find no issues. Overall I prefer uno 2.0 than regular uno.”

Shweta Acharya, mom of a 2+ years old kiddo.

1st Impression: “Just awesome.. felt that it's small.. but it fit well”

After vigorous use: “Very good absorbency and fit.. impressed!”

Kripa, mom of a less than 1 year old baby.

1st Impression: “Very trim, light weight, no bulk of extra snaps”

After vigorous use: “No bulk, easy to snap..awesome!!”

Shruti, mom of a 2+ years old kiddo.

1st Impression: “Super trim and super easy to make kid wear the diaper”

After vigorous use: “Amazing. Super easy to snap and make kids wear it. No worries for someone who is making the kid wear a diaper for the first time. Looks trim.”

Dhwani, mom of a 2+ years old kiddo.

1st Impression: “It's easy to snap”

After vigorous use: “It works as a wonder for my super heavy wetter toddler along with very heavy wetter booster pads it lasts till 9-10 hrs depending upon his pee pattern.”

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