What is the difference between SuperBottoms UNO and Dry Feel Langot?

The simplest way to look at this - UNO is an advanced cloth diaper by SuperBottoms & Dry Feel Langot is an upgraded version of the old langots that our parents and grandparents probably used on their babies. To suit the need of the hour, Bummy suggested to take the old design and add a whole lot of twists to it, making it a much safer, comfortable, cuter, and more convenient option.

Features of Dry Feel Langot:

  • Pure– Made of organic cotton
  • Padded– 4 layer organic cotton padding
  • Dry Feel- Our solid and printed Super nappies come with SuperDryFeel(™), that means that the baby will not feel wetness in these even after urinating.
  • Semi Waterproof – The Dry Feel Langot comes with a TPU layer around the crotch making it a mess free choice for your baby.
  • Double loop – for better fit and leakage protection.
  • Safe– Printed using Azo-free dyes
  • Mess Free– Soft and gentle elastics to prevent leaks and messes: a feature that was clearly missing from the old langot designs of yesteryears.

The Dry Feel Langot is an item that’s meant for diaper-free time, and is not a diaper. It isn’t meant to be worn for long periods of time. It isn’t waterproof and hence can be worn until your baby wets it, and then needs to be changed. It can hold 1 pee for most babies and can hold upto 2 pees for some babies- This completely depends on the wetting pattern/capacity of a baby.


What is SuperBottoms UNO?

SuperBottoms UNO are advanced cloth diapers – lasts all night, are waterproof, stay dry and are reusable and washable upto 300 times.

Features of SuperBottoms UNO:

  • Waterproof- they come with a waterproof shell
  • SuperDryFeel(™)- the baby will not feel wetness in these even after urinating.
  • Super Absorbent- Come with a dry feel soaker (8 layer organic cotton) + a booster pad(8 layer organic cotton). Together these two can last all night for most babies
  • Free Size (3 months- 3 year baby)- Same diaper works for 3 months or a 3 year baby since the diaper has different rise settings for different sizes.

Simple comparison if you wish!



Waterproofing: SuperBottoms UNO has a waterproof layer made of PUL. This is a breathable fabric which prevents leaks, which will get wet only after several hours, or when the diaper is completely full.  UNO is waterproof but since Dry Feel Langot is not a diaper & works as a diaper free time essential, it has no waterproof layer.

Padding: A Dry Feel Langot is padded with 4 layers of organic cotton fabric within, which absorb wetness for a short period of time. However, a SuperBottoms UNO has padding of up to 14 layers of organic cotton in our soakers, which would help it to absorb for up to 5 hours or more!

Wearing (Waist fastening): The waist fastening is completely different in an UNO and Dry Feel Langot. A Dry Feel Langot has the traditional system of fastening which needs to be tied at the waist using a drawstring, the modern cloth diaper has a more advanced and modern way to fasten the waist in the form of safe and sturdy snap buttons. These can be adjusted to fit your baby.

When you use a Dry Feel Langot, once the baby has outgrown the size, you would need to buy a bigger size. However, when you use a free-size UNO, the same diaper would last you almost 3 years. It can be used from the time a baby is 3 months, right up to 3 years of age. You simply adjust the size settings using the snap buttons on the diaper, and it would fit perfectly!

However, when making a purchase, one need not choose one over another. They serve completely different purposes, and complement each other. One is for long periods of time, and is as convenient as disposables. The other is gentler, for home, or shorter periods of time, and is meant for giving your baby’s tender skin a breath of fresh air, while also staying clear of any mess or inconvenience!


Hello Ketki,
We would love to help you understand the UNO Diaper better.
They would help absorb pee depending upon baby’s pee pattern. They would help keep baby dry and comfortable for 3-4 hours in daytime depending upon baby’s pee pattern. When used at night times with the booster pad, they help keep most heavy wetting babies dry and comfortable for upto hours, depending upon baby’s pee pattern.
When pooped into them they would not allow any mess seen outside, however its best to change them as soon as baby poops into them to help prevent any issues to the baby’s gentle skin.
Hope this helps.


Does UNO holds/ absorbs poop too?


Hi Kanika,
We would love to help you at our best in making your journey happy and smooth with SuperBottoms.
The dry feel langots being diaper free options are one which are not waterproof, however the padding inside them would not allow a pool of pee once baby soils them.
The wetness seen at the outer would be an indicator for the changing time.
If baby is on a mattress you may place a dry sheet below the baby to avoid transfer of pee to the bedding.
Incase you looking for options for longer hours of dryness and comfort you may go for the UNO diapers.
For any queries or assistance, please reach out to us on 7499025345 our Cloth Diapering Helpline. We are always ready to help!
Team SuperBottoms


My baby’s super bottom basic cloth diaper’s outer part gets wet after 1 pee…why does this happens


Hi Harini,

Dry Feel Langot can hold upto 1 pee depending on the wetting pattern of different babies.
You may feel the wetness on the outer layer of the langot for us to understand that the baby had peed and its time to change the langot.


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