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Get your babies the water proof diapers made of cloth!

Leaking diapers are a biggest turn off to new parents. This is one of the reasons why they are frustrated with disposable diapers even though they provide them with convenience of use and throw. A lot of parents have high expectations from diapers. The disposable diapers are very expensive in the long run and hence the parents expect them to last overnight. But, well the sad part is that they don’t. Rather they end up leaking in the middle of the night most of the time and the baby gets up and screams due to discomfort. A successful overnight leak free waterproof diaper is every parent’s desire. Already exhausted with running our daily errands, changing a leaked diaper and a wet bed sheet in the middle of the night is the last thing that we parents would want to do.

Why do Disposable Diapers leak?

Disposable diapers are made of chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate. This chemical is responsible for converting the  pee into gel crystals and thereby absorbs them all. But once they are full, the leaks are bound to occur.

The leakage issue doubles up if the baby is a side sleeper or a tummy sleeper. The stuff inside the disposable diapers tend to shift towards one side in case of a side sleeper. The tape style diapers will give tummy leaks if the baby is a tummy sleeper and even their clothes get wet due to such leaks.

But are disposable diapers the only option or is there any other alternative? These questions are frequently asked by new parents.

Well the answer to this is yes, there is an alternative -- SuperBottoms UNO.

Diapers made of cloth have been used for a long time. The concept has just been modified from time to time to suit the comfort of baby and mother. And one such cloth diaper which is loved by moms and their babies is – SuperBottoms UNO!

What are SuperBottoms UNO?

SuperBottoms UNO are environment friendly, washable and reusable diapers which provide leak proof overnight cloth diapering solutions. UNOs are very durable and are known to last for upto 300+ washes.

What makes SuperBottoms UNO leak proof/waterproof?

The most important feature of SuperBottoms UNO is that it is water resistant and hence leak proof.

The Multi-size Waterproof Outer is made of high quality PUL which is a type of laminated fabric. PUL stands for polyurethane laminate which is waterproof & ideal for the Waterproof Outer. Plus, they are very breathable, so the baby stays cool and comfy. UNOs are highly absorbent and are known to last 8+ hours overnight on heavy wetting babies. They will never disappoint you unless –

  1. a) it has not been tied properly or

  2. b) it has not been washed per the washcare routine.

Best for round the clock cloth diapering: Be it for day time, night time or outings, SuperBottoms is ideal for round the clock diapering and thus they are a fool proof solution. They fit in every need of yours.

In addition to the leak proof feature, each SuperBottoms diaper has a dry feel layer on top. This is made of suede fabric which keeps the baby’s bum dry. Even the disposable diapers don’t do this job as perfectly as an UNO. Did you know babies who are cloth diapered tend to be potty trained earlier? Amazing, isn’t it?

What could be better than having a leak proof happy night?

Well, in addition to that, your family will not produce tons of waste that would go into the landfills and thus would reduce carbon footprint. It is estimated that 10000 tons of disposable diapers are added to landfills every day.

The best part is that your baby will have less or no diaper rash with UNOs even after being in it all night long.

The All size in one UNO can be used on babies from 5 kgs to 17 kgs or so. That means the same UNO can be used from birth till potty training.

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