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Cloth Diapering Out of Home

Many parents believe that reusable diapers are to be used primarily at home. They use them at home during day-time while for nights and for going out; they prefer to use disposables because they are, as the name suggests, easy to dispose. However, cloth diapering out of home is much simpler than you think.

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Here are 4 ways to make cloth diapering out of home a success for you.

  • Decide how long you plan to be out and figure a few things out

Depending on the time duration for which you plan to be out, you will have to decide on the type of diaper you choose.

If you are going to be out for long, at a place where there may not be proper changing facilities, you may want to use high-absorbency diapers such as SuperBottoms UNO.

If you are sure there are changing rooms available, you can use regular diapers too.

Using covers with cloth diaper soakers/inserts are good for out of home diapering if you have changing facilities.

You can carry extra cloth diaper inserts and a few covers and simply change soakers and reuse the outer. That way, you have to carry less diapers

Waterproof cloth bags are very convenient to carry wet / soiled diapers post changing. Carrying wet bags makes life very simple when you are cloth diapering out of home.

  • What do I do with the poop?

This is one of the biggest concerns parents have when they cloth diaper out of home. So when your baby poops, like with disposable diapers, you need to wipe your baby’s bottom clean first.

If you have the facility to, knock off the poop in the pot and flush it down. You can keep the diaper in the wet bag / waterproof bag to carry home. Ensure that the bag is tightly sealed and closed to avoid stink.

If you do not have the option of knocking off the poop, it is okay to tightly close the diaper and store it in a waterproof bag, sealed shut.

Once you are home, you can wash the diapers clean as usual.

  • Cloth Diapering on Vacation

While this calls for an entirely separate post, cloth diapering on vacation requires a bit of planning but it is certainly doable!

As we always say, figure out the washing and storing facilities. If you are on a homestay vacation, choose one with a washing machine. If not, hotel bath tubs / wash basins work just fine.

Ensure you carry enough cloth diapers and your favorite detergent and you are good to go!

Cloth diapering 100% is doable and great for your baby and the environment. When you can get the convenience of disposable diapers in the goodness of cloth, why let plastic touch your baby’s bottom?


Hey Swati ! We would love to help you. Yes you may use the cloth diaper detergent sheets however incase you do not have them you may use any mainstream n detergents free from fragrances and additives. When baby does a poop you may clean them with a good rinse using a health faucet and then wash them as per our recommendation. Hope this helps. .Regards, Team SuperBottoms.


I am a new mom and want to buy super bottoms but s bit concerned as I read when baby poops need to use the detergent as available in this website, but let me know can’t i use any other detergent or soap for the cleaning. Also the Superbottoms UNO consists of pads so when a baby poops can that pad be washed and will it be the earlier one???

Swati Mehta

Hey Ayisha,
The diapers made of cloth are considered dirty laundry and thus it’s best to wash them thoroughly using a fragrance and additive free detergent like the Super laundry sheets.
Using soap would not allow complete washing and also affect the absorbency of the diaper.
Please do follow the right wash routine with the right detergent to wash the diapers.
Team SuperBottoms.


Can I use soap to wash superbottoms instead of detergents ?


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